Philips TV launches new OLED TV as study reveals OLED wins over QLED

Philips TV has introduced its latest high-quality and high-value OLED TV set – 55OLED705 and 65OLED705 – following a study into the best display technology.

Twelve media review outlets have each named a TV set that they believe is the best of the best and, according to Philips TV, OLED TVs have been preferable over QLED TV for the last two years. Philips TV says: “Of the 61 awards the 12 publication have given in 2019 and 2020, a massive 79% (48 awards) have been awarded to OLED TVs, with QLED TVs receiving just 21% (13 awards).

The study suggests that consumers prefer the self-emissive OLED TVs, which deliver superior contrast and black levels leading to more detail and accurate colours. OLED TVs also have smoother motion and good viewing angles, while the technology allows for ultra-slim set designs.

Philips TV’s new OLED705 TV, available in 55” and 65”, features TP Vision’s award-winning P5 processing with AI technology and Dolby Vision, as well as having HDR10+ compatibility. It also has a 50W 2.1 sound system built in with Dolby Atmos and DTS Play-Fi compatibility. To set the mood and add to the atmosphere, the TV also features three-sided Ambilight experience to light up the wall behind the TV in whichever colour the viewer wants. It also has Android Smart TV to work with other smart devices around the home.

The Philips TV OLED705 55” and 65” are available now for £979 and £1,499 respectively.

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