Philips TV & Bowers & Wilkins debut new OLED+ series TVs

Philips TV has teamed up with Bowers & Wilkins to introduce its new OLED+ TV category, consisting of the Philips OLED+986 and the OLED+936.

The new TVs both feature the latest high-performance OLED panels, with a 20% increase in peak light, and the twin-chip, 5th generation P5 Intelligent Dual Picture Engine processing suite to enhance PQ performance with sharper, more accurate colours and imaging and better contrast for all sources.

The 5th Gen P5 AI also adds a new Film Detection Mode to the existing five AI categories. The Ambient Intelligence feature incorporates the TV’s light sensor to ensure that contrast for both SD and HDR content is always optimised to the local ambient light levels.

As well as HLG, HDR10, and HDR10+ compatibility, both the OLED+986 and OLED+936 also supports HDR10+ Adaptive which combines HDR10+ dynamic metadata with the real-time ambient light information to automatically optimise brightness levels to the viewing environment and increase detail in dark images in bright rooms on a scene-by-scene basis.


Gamers have also been considered in the production of this series, featuring a four-sided Ambilight system to offer a superior gaming experience by combining HDMI 2.1 connectivity with VRR, Freesync Premium & G-Sync compatibility.

Fast Motion Clarity is also featured on the TV sets which will appeal to gamers, ensuring a smooth transition from image to image with increased sharpness but without introducing artefacts and avoids wide-area, field-flicker by running at 100Hz rather than the more usual 50Hz.

Through its partnership with Bowers & Wilkins, both new sets feature an improved Dolby Multistream Decoder and HDMI eARC for a more efficient transfer of audio content.

The OLED+986 also features the latest Dolby Atmos decoding and an Atmos Virtualiser which combines with the four-sided Ambilight to create even more of an immersive experience.


Available from October as a 65” model, the OLED+986 is designed to offer audiophile sound quality through the Bowers & Wilkins speakers, whether used as a TV or a stand-alone music system. The speaker enclosure is mounted in a rigid, dedicated cabinet below the TV, while the Tweeter-on-Top driver now features a new surround and the company’s famous metal Nautilus tube to improve heat dissipation from the increased power output of the new amplifiers.


The three 100mm mid/bass drivers now feature Continuum cones plus a higher specification voice coil and crossover components. The decoupled Tweeter-on-Top mounting ensures that high-frequency performance is delivered without the blurring associated with cabinet diffraction.

Inside the system are three independently isolated enclosures, with the left and right-hand enclosures also featuring decoupled, baffle-mounted tweeters positioned to the far ends of the speaker system to ensure outstanding immersive sound with exceptional clarity and detail.

Both TV sets have the option to connect an external active subwoofer for more bass extension.


Available from September as 48”, 55” and 65” models, the OLED+936 has also received a number of upgrades when compared to its predecessor. These include new higher quality crossover components, new surrounds for all three tweeters, a new profile stiffer 100mm x 65mm cone and more powerful magnet for the dedicated bass driver, new voice coils for the four midrange drivers and new profile cones for the slightly repositioned Atmos elevation units.

The separate rigid speaker enclosure continues to be constructed from thick-wall-section glass-fibre-reinforced ABS, critically braced with internal rib sections to control any unwanted resonance. The enclosure also includes a minimalist metal angled arm to act as the TV’s tabletop stand.


Both the OLED+986 and OLED+936 can be wall-mounted.

The OLED+936 will automatically recognise and decode Dolby Atmos content. Additionally, by engaging Movie, Gaming or Personal mode, the TV will activate the ‘elevation drivers’ to bring the same immersion of full Dolby Atmos to non-Atmos content.

Again, Philips’ four-sided Ambilight technology combines with the Dolby Atmos sound performance to offer a more immersive experience.

Both new OLED+ series are finished using authentic materials such as Kvadrat cloth, glass and metal and a premium remote control featuring a Muirhead sustainable leather wrap. One small design change from its predecessors sees the micro-mesh grills on the front of the speaker enclosure with Kvadrat cloth moved to the top of the enclosure.

Main image: OLED+986