MasterSounds unveils next generation Clarity hi-fi system

MasterSounds has introduced its Clarity A, the next generation of its cube-shaped Clarity audio system.

Building on its predecessor’s unique design, Clarity A takes influence from manufacturing partner TPI’s military-grade heritage and MasterSound’s design ethos.

The Clarity A hi-fi system is made up of two Cube:6 loudspeakers and a Sub:8 subwoofer running as an active system, meaning low-profile cabling while still delivering powerful audio fidelity. Users can add a DJ mixer, pre-amplifier, or DAC to the inputs on the Sub:8 for a plug-and-play, straight out of the box solution.

Featuring a natural, open and dynamic soundstage, the Clarity A audio system has been designed to optimise music genres and is tailored towards MasterSounds’ range of audiophile products.

Clarity A is priced at £1,995. It is also available as part of a bundle package with compatible devices such as the Radius 2 as the hub/control centre of the system.

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