Laser TV ditches fans for liquid cooling for silent operation

As part of a decade long worldwide contractual agreement made in 2017 to develop and market smart projection solutions for the global market, HP Inc. and GAC Technology have created a silent, liquid cooled 4K laser projection TV.

According to the two companies, the advanced liquid cooling structure is a world-first technology which enables efficient heat dissipation and ensures completely silent running of the new BP5000 projector. As well as eliminating noisy fans, it also maximises its operational life.

The projector is currently funding on Indiegogo with 197% of it’s fundraising goal already achieved in the first two weeks.

For an impactful home cinema experience, BP5000’s optical engine offers high dynamic contrast ratio measured from the light source at a brightness of 6000 optical lumens. This allows the projector to be used through the day without having to close the blinds or curtains and at nighttime without having to switch off the lights.

Using projected image diffusion technology, the viewer’s eyes are protected, and long-term viewing is visually comfortable as it does not generate direct light, unlike traditional LCD TVs. Added to this, an integrated eye protection motion sensor automatically switches off the laser light source when it detects that someone is too close to the projector. This will prevent any damage to the eyes caused by the laser.

Being an ultra-short-throw projector, BP5000 can project a screen size of up to 150” from 49cm away, 120” from 33cm away, and 100" from just 22cm away. Displaying a native 4K UHD image resolution, it features 8.3 million pixels in a single frame, creating hyper-realistic images with corner-to-corner sharpness at any angle. HDR10 decoding is included to enhance picture quality frame-by-frame to recreate exactly what the human eye should see in real life.  

Credit: HP Inc. and GAC Technology

The ALPD laser-phosphor fluorescent display technology ensures high performance colour display, contrast ratio and brightness. The laser lamp has a lifespan of more than 25,000 hours, delivering consistent brightness throughout that time. Supporting DCI-P3 cinema-grade ultra-wide colour gamut, the projector displays clearer and brighter character presentation and delivers more realistic colour rendition.

For sports fans and action movie fans, the projector features MEMC (Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation) interpolation technology to reduce motion blue and judder in fast moving images. For an easy and simple set up, the projector features optical image warping correction with smart auto focus. The built-in installation assist will ensure uneven wall surfaces, improper placement and accidental nudges are instantly auto focused to display the best picture with no distortion.

To complement the 4K visuals, the projector also has an integrated full range stereo 30W speaker set with subwoofer, optimised to deliver smooth mid-range, clear vocals and deep bass. When not being used as a projector, the BP5000 can be used as a home speaker.

Credit: HP Inc. and GAC Technology

As with most smart TVs, the projector can mirror the screen of an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet wirelessly to enjoy content on the big screen. Using the EShare app, users can display photos, watch videos and play games on the bigger screen.

Roku Express 4K is included on the BP5000, giving users access to a range of content in 4K, HD and HDR from multiple channels and content suppliers. Users can also control it with voice assistants, Alexa, Google Home and Siri.

Connectivity options are available, with S/PDIF, HDMI ARC, AUX and USB ports allowing users to connect with gaming consoles, audio equipment, set-top, streaming sticks, HDD player, microphone, USB hard-drive, microphone, USB hard-drive, and more. It also allows the audio experience to be elevated by connecting theatre-grade speakers using HDMI ARC or S/PDIF compatible speaker sets.

Main image credit: Credit: HP Inc. and GAC Technology