Gamers benefit from Dirac’s spatial audio solution for Philips’ first gaming headset

Dirac has partnered with MMD Monitors & Displays to provide Philips’ first gaming headset with Dirac’s pioneering spatial audio solution, producing a virtualised 3D, 7.1 surround sound experience through the 2-channel headset for a realistic and immersive gaming experience.

The gaming industry has experienced vast growth, particularly over the last year and a half. With this, gamers have increased demand for higher sound quality and more immersion with higher positional accuracy, while multichannel content is also experiencing growth.

Dirac’s audio solution creates high-precision spatial audio to make gamers feel surrounded by sound and immersed by the sound, being able to hear where sound comes from and from how far.

In addition, the patented sound optimisation technology boosts the headphones’ acoustic performance, resulting in more balanced and cleaner sound, with crisp and more intelligible dialogue.

Although designed for gaming, the Philips headphones can also be used for other content such as watching movies and listening to music. Users are able to toggle between two sound modes – a spatial sound mode ideal for gaming and movies, and an optimised sound mode ideal for music – through a switch on the headset’s USB cord.

The new Philips TAGH401BL gaming headset is available now internationally with an MSRP of €59.90.