Focal launches On Wall 300 line of home speakers

Uniquely designed for both stereo and home cinema use, French loudspeaker brand, Focal, has introduced a new line of home loudspeakers – the On Wall 300.

As the name suggests, the On Wall 301 and On Wall 302, the two models making up the new On Wall 300 range, are designed to be installed on the wall around the TV for a home cinema or stereo listening experience.

However, the On Wall range can also be mounted onto a specially designed stand as an optional extra.

The new On Wall 300 series features Focal’s exclusive technologies, including its Flax speaker drivers with its cone made from French flax that has sound reproduction benefits widely recognised. The loudspeakers also feature the Aluminium/Magnesium tweeter, offering well-defined treble.

Additionally, the On Wall 300 range can be combined with other Focal products for a full system.

The range is available in Black Satin or White High Gloss finishes to fit into various interior décor. Available later in September, the suggested retail price for the On Wall 301 is £999 / €999 / $999 each and the On Wall 302 is £1,499 / €1,499 /$1,499. A set of two stands will also be available for a suggested retail price of £799 / €749 / $699.

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