DTS announces Vestel DTS:X certification for TV range

DTS has confirmed that Vestel has received DTS:X certification for its range of new televisions.

DTS:X for TV is an immersive audio system designed for single and dual-core TV SoC architectures, featuring full backwards compatibility with existing DTS-encoded content such as DTS:X and DTS-HD, master audio Blu-ray discs and DTS digital surround. The system includes the latest DTS:X streaming decoder for streaming content from OTT services.

Televisions with DTS:X are compatible with any DTS content connected to the TV from HDMI, USB and OTT streaming services. The system includes a DTS:X transcoder capable of outputting DTS digital surround over S/PDIF and audio return channel (ARC) to connected devices such as DTS:X enabled AV receivers or sound bars.

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