ClearOne to show Aura line of work from home AV solutions at CEDIA Expo

The new work from home trend, spurred by the pandemic, has blurred the lines between home and commercial AV. ClearOne is just one company which has decided to showcase its commercial crossed with home working solutions at this year’s CEDIA Expo.

“The future of work and learning requires the set-up of professional quality audio and video collaboration solutions in the home,” said Zee Hakimoglu, ClearOne’s chair and CEO. “It is no longer an option, but rather a requirement for the post-Covid worked we all live in.”

At CEDIA Expo 2021, ClearOne will demonstrate its line of Aura professional quality, work from home audio and video collaboration solutions on booth #4560.

According to Hakimoglu, home professionals and CEDIA members need to embrace the important role they play in offering best-in-class conferencing and collaboration solutions for this new world. “Webcams and kitchen tables may have been fine when the pandemic started, but a hybrid work environment today is fundamentally a permanent reality and professionals need to replicate their office work environment in the home.”

The Aura range of products feature commercial grade solutions that deliver HDConference audio and true-to-life video technology through a variety of professional audio and video collaboration solutions with choices of microphone and camera components that optimise home office acoustic and aesthetic aspirations.

One solution that will be on display at CEDIA Expo is the new Aura UNITE 180 ePTZ Camera and Aura Versa Mediabar. Designed for various tasks, the UNITE 180 camera provides a complete 180-degree panoramic field-of-view with ‘real-time stitching’ to achieve various useful modes for any application and environment.

The Versa Mediabar, introduced last month, is an all-in-one collaboration soundbar with natural-sounding audio and true-to-life video designed for huddle and smaller spaces. 

The Aura Xceed BMA beamforming microphone array will also be highlighted at the show. It easily surface mounts to a home office ceiling for high quality conferencing audio. Xceed BMA includes unique features such as audio beamforming, connectivity directly to loudspeakers, acoustic echo and noise cancellation and full-duplex audio, so all call participants can speak and be heard clearly and simultaneously. ClearOne’s CONVERGE Bluetooth Wall Panel can be added to this to enable mobile devices to join any conference wirelessly.

ClearOne will be showing its Aura range of working from home AV products on booth #4560 at CEDIA Expo 2021 next month.

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