2N to show Red Dot Award-Winning IP Style at ISE

2N Telekomunikace is returning to ISE this year with its 2N IP Style flagship intercom, which has recently won a Red Dot Design Award, one of the most prestigious product design awards around.

Featuring a minimalist design, the 2N IP Style has a full HD camera with wide dynamic range and WaveKey mobile access technology. The intercom is made up of a horizontal bar at the top which shelters ‘invisible’ speakers and the camera, and below that is a thin 480 cm2 glass touchscreen to give it a smart, sleek look. The glass is also IP65 and IK08 certified for durability and tested to endure heavy rain, dusty environments or vandalism.

At this year’s show, 2N will subject the IP Style to some torture in a durability test to prove how hardy the device is.

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