Wondrwall launches ’˜intelligent’ home automation system

UK-based manufacturer Wondrwall has announced the launch an automation system that adapts and reacts to homeowner behaviour in the home.

Designed to be installed by electricians, installers and engineers, Wondrwall states that its technology aims to bring added security and energy savings to homeowners by programming the system to control lighting, security and heating itself using past behaviour and real-time decision making.

In addition to a morning alarm service, the system offers homeowners automatic light control for occasions when no-one is home, and integrates Alexa technology into every light switch for voice control.

Voice technology and audio software are used in tandem to react to security alerts (e.g. a smashed window or the sound of a smoke alarm) by activating a siren, internal and external lights and sending an emergency notification to a mobile phone.

Heating can additionally be controlled to ensure it is at the preferred temperature only when occupied or due to be occupied.

Energy savings made using the system are provided to the homeowner each month.

The home can prepare settings for when the homeowner is home via extra key hobs provided with the starter kit (comprised of an intelligent light switch, alarm siren and thermostat). The kit is suitable for new builds and retrofit projects, with the average 3-bedroom home in the UK requiring approximately £1,263 of kit.

“We believe that the home is no longer just a living space, but an interactive surrounding - Wondrwall technology revolutionises the home, allowing people to experience a more secure, efficient and convenient style of living,” commented Daniel Burton, founder and CEO of Wondrwall.

Wondrwall will provide certified installers with work to install systems purchased directly from the manufacturer’s website.

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