RTI releases Integration Designer APEX software

RTI has announced the release of its Integration Designer APEX software, designed to reduce system design time with auto-programming and customisation tools.

The Windows-based programming platform allows designers to modify auto-generation templates, use third-party templates or create their own pages while using APEX features.

"For system designers, standard buttons and functionality that previously took hours to program can now be done in a matter of minutes, and customisation has never been easier. This gives dealers an enormous head start on every project, allowing them to spend more time focusing on the possibilities of the system with clients, and providing the scalability to compete in new residential and commercial markets,” commented Mike Everett, vice president of global sales at RTI.

The backbone of RTI's control and automation system, Integration Designer APEX will support the capabilities of upcoming software releases from the company. These will include automatic generation of the graphical user interface and programming, a new IR library, multi-room programming and improved graphic resizing.

RTI is hosting a series of live training webinars to introduce dealers to the software – more information on which can be found on the manufacturer’s website.