Monitor Audio launches compact amplifier

​Monitor Audio debuted its IA40-3 installation amplifier, featuring digital, analogue and Bluetooth inputs with Dolby Audio (Dolby Digital).

The amplifier’s brackets allow it to be positioned in a variety of locations, ranging from a wall, cabinet, stand or the back of a television.

The IA40-3 features 40W of power over three channels at four Ohms, or 60W over two channels, with the IA40-3 capable of driving speakers or passive soundbars.

The amplifier can be configured in a variety of ways, able to be paired with Monitor Audio’s bookshelf or stand-mount speakers.

The IA40-3 can be mounted on the back of the screen using the supplied Velcro strips or bespoke bracket to drive a passive soundbar.

For additional bass, an active subwoofer can be connected to the IA40-3 via the sub/line out, with optical and analogue inputs being included alongside Bluetooth wireless technology powered by Qualcomm aptX audio.

Customisable brackets are also included, able to be bent to fit with flexible break off sections.

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