Honeywell Launches Lyric T6 Thermostats in the UK

Honeywell has introduced the new Lyric T6 thermostat, the latest of Honeywell’s home products to have Apple HomeKit compatibility, to the UK.

The Lyric T6 joins Honeywell’s portfolio of connected thermostats, including evohome and Single Zone Thermostat. Controlled via smartphones (Android and iOS), the Lyric T6 uses the location of the homeowner via geofencing technology, the Lyric T6 saves money by switching to energy saving mode when the last person leaves, and detects when the first person returns to start making the home comfortable ahead of his or her arrival. The geofencing can be customised to a distance of miles away or just around the corner from the home. 

Alternatively, customers can opt to set up the Lyric T6 with a more traditional seven-day schedule or to schedule daily. The Lyric T6 also features smart alerts for extreme temperatures inside the home.

With integration with Apple HomeKit, the Lyric T6 offers secure control with Siri or the new Apple Home app in iOS 10. 

The Honeywell Lyric T6 Thermostats are available online and via plumbing and heating installers now. 

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