Honeywell intros Alexa-powered face recognition security system

Among Honeywell’s latest offerings making their way onto Indiegogo is a modular smart home security system incorporating a camera and built-in Alexa support.

A Honeywell 1080p camera base station is at the core of the ‘Smart Home Security System,’ which Honeywell states can offer support for numerous smart assistants and IoT services through the manufacturer’s Lyric app. Powered by a 2GHz quad-core Snapdragon CPU, the station has a 145-degree field of view and offers night view, accompanied by three microphone arrays and a 5W omnidirectional speaker.

Through the aforementioned microphones users can communicate with Amazon Alexa, which is built in to the station’s software. Honeywell says for Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant support is also on the horizon, and will be officially unveiled in 2018. IFTTT and Z-Wave Plus functionality is coming at some point next year too.

Accessories include access sensors that inform user when they’ve left a door or window open; a remote control key fob allowing users without access to the Lyric app to control the system; and motion viewers and sensors, which alert owners of activity and record a video clip.

Honeywell will again be going down the Indiegogo route to bring the product to market. At the heart of this approach, the manufacturer says is a desire to have direct feedback from buyers that will ultimately “play a key role in deciding the system’s future functionality,” with consumers benefitting from getting the product at a lower price (up to 47% discount).

The first units are expected to ship out to those who ‘back’ the product this December. Honeywell says backers can expect to see features including facial recognition, smart alerts and Z-Wave control as early as January 2018.

Taking into account the lack of an accompanying monitoring service or cellular backup as yet and the unusual Indiegogo approach, Honeywell’s latest offering can’t help but seem far from the final product at this stage.

A wide-scale launch of the (tweaked and fine-tuned) Honeywell Smart Home Security System is expected to coming in March 2018.

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