Research finds KNX to be most well-known smart home protocol

According to the HiddenWires Market Research survey, three out of four respondents are aware of KNX technology, which is 21% ahead of next well-known smart home protocol, Zigbee.

The survey results show that 75% of participants are aware of KNX as a smart home protocol, while 54% were aware of Zigbee. The only technologies separating KNX and Zigbee in the results were Wi-Fi and Bluetooth which came out as 70% and 63% respectively.

After Zigbee, 51% of respondents said they were aware of Apple being used in smart home technology, 49% were aware of Z Wave, and 46% were aware of Loxone.

The survey found that the least well-known smart home protocol was Huawei, with just 25% of participants aware of it within the smart home market.

Last week, HiddenWires revealed that KNX came out as the top communication protocol / ecosystem that industry professionals think of and regularly specify in projects.

A full report of the HiddenWires Market Research survey will be published in the Winter issue of the magazine.