Invision partners with WeQuote platform

Distributor, Invision UK has announced its partnership with WeQuote, a quoting platform developed to help installers quote quickly by choosing products directly from supplier catalogues, generate proposals from templates that be sent to customers, and print purchase order requests for each supplier once the quote has been accepted.

Lee Roche of LCR Integrated Systems, along with a specialist team of developers, created WeQuote in 2016 to help custom installer, Roche, with his own quoting and admin processes. Five years later, he is now bringing it to the market for other integrators to use.

Linking supplier catalogues allows for real-time, accurate pricing. The platform also notifies the user if the prices have changed, allowing the quote to be revised immediately.

Roche said: “I can confidently say this platform has changed my life for the better. Instead of spending days on a quote, I can take my laptop on-site and quote accurately in minutes. This has freed up so much time in my life to spend where it matters. Because of this, I wanted it share it with fellow installers to help streamline their processes.

“It’s great to have Invision’s support and you can now effortlessly quote from their catalogue in real-time using your desktop or via the app on your phone.”

“At Invision, we pride ourselves on being a value-added distributor and are always looking at ways to help our customers,” added Mark Taylor, commercial director at Invision. “This is why we are happy to support WeQuote.

“Designed by a custom installer who knows the time-consuming nature of quoting, we believe this complete and refined tool will help integrators free up much-needed time while quoting accurately and efficiently with ease. Lee’s experience means that he knows first-hand what is needed for integrators on a day-to-day basis, this gives him the ability to truly understand what benefits users. Furthermore, as a personal user of the platform you know that he is constantly looking at ways to update features to help make the platform work better for customers.”

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