Stealth Acoustics Releases Performance Data on Invisible and Stingray Speakers at InfoComm 2014

Stealth Acoustics has released full speaker performance data for its most popular speakers in EASE 3, EASE 4, CLF 1 and CLF 2 formats, to...

Stealth Acoustics has released full speaker performance data for its most popular speakers in EASE 3, EASE 4, CLF 1 and CLF 2 formats, to assist professional system designers in predicting performance outcomes in critical systems. The data covers performance metrics for Stealth’s StingRay 8 and StingRay 6 hermetically sealed outdoor speakers as well as for Stealth’s popular LR6G and LR3G totally invisible speakers. EASE and CLF data are used by professional audio consultants and system integrators to predict speaker system performance in advance of specifying a specific solution. By having accurate and substantiated performance metrics on speakers, audio designers can “model” coverage, frequency response, room reflections, amplifier requirements, output levels, aiming, mounting and other critical attributes of the solution. Renowned and respected Northwest Audio and Acoustics Labs of Elma, WA, led by industry expert Ron Saro performed the tests in their very unique lab, built into an abandoned nuclear cooling tower. “Ron and NWAA represent a gold standard in brutally honest testing of loudspeaker performance”, informed Steve Olszewski, vice president at Stealth Acoustics. “They are one of perhaps three people in the world able to do such testing and we are very fortunate they are located near us in Washington State. If NWAA’s testing says a speaker performs in a particular manner, you can be assured it does. No manufacturer marketing spin or “specmanship” is allowed.” Stealth says this level of third-party validation is extremely important for their products due to the unique manner in which their speakers make sound. “We build speakers that have no grills or openings yet perform as well or better than typical legacy speakers in the class,” continued Olszewski. “When you have such unique solutions, especially in a speaker category where others have traditionally performed badly, you have to prove your abilities. EASE and CLF metrics do that for us. Our speakers perform as we claim, but if in doubt, one can now fire up the modelling software to prove it. ” EASE - Enhanced Acoustic Simulator for Engineers - is a licensed software program created by Ahnert Feistel Media Group, Berlin, Germany. CLF – Common Loudspeaker Format - is the result of a group of software developers and CLF data authors formed to provide an open file speaker data format and free viewing software. Visit Stealth Acoustics at booth C12332 at Infocomm 2014, Las Vegas, 18-20 June, 2014. EASE and CLF product data files and a link to CLF’s free viewing software are available from Stealth’s website:

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