Sonos confirms IFTTT support

A busy year for Sonos continues – this time, with news of IFTTT integration, paving the way for owners of IoT products to enjoy more communication between them.

“Now you can have Sonos start your favourite radio station when your Ring-enabled door unlocks after you get home, or play your special pizza song (you do have a special pizza song, don’t you?) when your Domino’s order goes out for delivery. Having a party? Set your lights and your music using Phillips Hue” – Sonos’ announcement of IFTTT (if this, then that) is typically Sonos, but nonetheless interesting.

Partnership and integration are very much on the agenda right now for Sonos, in a year that has seen it launch its open-platform CI-focused amp (capable of powering up to four speakers) and collaborate with Sonance just ahead of CEDIA 2018.

Users will soon be able to manage playback control, pause/resume/next/previous, and volume controls including up, down, mute and unmute on Sonos products.

IFTTT can additionally be used for beginning a pre-defined Sonos song, ‘favourite,’ album and playlist for extra playback options in the home. Configurations just need to be made online or via the accompanying app – when created, applets or recipes send commands to Sonos (via “then that”).

“IFTTT has integrated hundreds of different smart home products, websites and content providers and with today’s beta launch, you can trigger your favourite songs and sounds on Sonos from millions of different IFTTT events,” states Sonos.

The release is just a beta version, but as Sonos CEO, Patrick Spence discussed at CEDIA, signals the kind of testing that is an integral part of the company’s long-term strategy to increase its laser focus on the customer experience of Sonos products. More information on using IFTTT with Sonos can be found on its community website.

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