LG wants you to be excited about its 2019 4K OLED TVs

LG wants you to be excited about its next-generation processor – so much so that’s trying to create buzz around it now, despite CES 2019 being over a month away.

Of course the big announcements from the manufacturer won’t actually happen until CES itself (running from January 8 to 12) comes to Vegas, but LG is trying its best to whet the appetite by sharing some news now.

The first of which is that LG’s 2019 TVs will incorporate the next-generation version of the Alpha 9 (α9) processor (in all but one of its OLED models released this year).

The South Korean manufacturer says “images that are more true-to-life than ever” with its α9 2nd-gen – bringing with it a four-step noise reduction process running from a specially developed algorithm that allows for more involved noise-reduction.

LG is also keen to share that it’s been working hard on improving its mapping and colour correction technologies, as well as sharpness, contrast and colour reproduction to try and maintain its success in the advanced TV market.

The α9 2nd-gen will provide High Frame Rates (HFR) up to 4K/120fps too (not a dramatic leap from its a9 processor found in 2018 models).

It is expected, however, that a difference will be a much sought-after HDMI 2.1 spec, bringing with it the ability to enjoy HFR/120fps content from HDMI sources (hopefully).

Watch this space for more info on what 2019 TVs will be spec’d with the new α9 2nd-gen processor and for more details on how LG hopes to differentiate itself from the likes of Samsung and Sony in the year ahead. A cheeky 8K OLED TV mention would be nice too, but we may be asking too much..

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