LG launches ’˜world’s first’ DTS Virtual:X TV

LG has announced that it has selected DTS Virtual:X audio technology to bring surround sound into the homes of owners of its latest line up of UHD TVs.

LG has gone down a different route than Dolby (technology of choice for its 2018 OLED and SUHD TV range) and will be bringing DTS to its UHD models, allowing owners to enjoy a 11.1-channel (7.1.4) surround-sound set up through a 5.1 or stereo set-up.

After being successfully deployed in a number of AV receivers, this is the first time the virtual surround sound technology has been incorporated into TVs.

The Korean manufacturer has so far confirmed that DTS Virtual:X support will be rolled out to two models from its 2018 Ultra HD LCD TV range (the UK7550PLA and UK6950PLA/B). Both of which feature built-in WiFi to connect to the LG’s webOS Smart TV platform.

Time will tell how what DTS delivery in a room will be like from built-in TV speakers, but if anyone can make it work a manufacturer with the resources LG has can.

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