CYP Presents Over 30 New AV Distribution Solutions at ISE 2014

Stand 4S65, ISE 2014 The UK-based HDMI and HDBaseT specialist launches the latest additions to its already formidable range, focusing ...

Stand 4S65, ISE 2014 The UK-based HDMI and HDBaseT specialist launches the latest additions to its already formidable range, focusing on greater functionality and connectivity options. CYP, the world’s leading manufacturer of AV switches and audio accessories, is using ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) to announce the launch of an unprecedented 30 new products across its HDBaseT, HDMI and AV distribution range. As well as adding 4K video compatibility to key products from its HDBaseT range, CYP is also using ISE to showcase new additions to its display wall control range and to launch what is possibly the most revolutionary home automation processor yet – the DemoPad CENTRO 8. Adding to its already comprehensive range of HDBaseT products, ISE sees the launch 10 additional products including an integrated HDBaseT Digital amplifier (AU-A300HBT), two new HDBaseT Zone Extenders (HDBaseT - PU-HBTE-ZE / HDBaseT Lite – PUHBTL-ZE) and the 8 input / 4 output presentation switch with HDBaseT in/out and switchable digital bypass control (EL-5500-HBT). New HDMI products also launched include the 6 input / 2 output UHD HDMI switch with audio de-embedding (OR-HD62CD) and the 4 input / 4 output seamless HDMI video wall control matrix (OR-44VWC). By combining the knowledge and real-world experience of its UK-based European product team with the 90-strong development team and vast manufacturing resources, CYP yet again confirms why it is the brand at the forefront of this fast-moving technology category. Making its European debut at ISE is the ground breaking new home automation processor from DemoPad – the CENTRO 8. The ideal processor to run with DemoPads leading Android and iOS home automation apps, the CENTRO 8 features all of the connectivity and control options necessary for literally any control and automation requirement. The CENTRO 8 also allows installers and integrators to offer a cost-effective solution previously unachievable and open up whole new sub £5k market and revenue stream. It’s not all just about the products. CYP has also developed a new stand concept, which gives visitors a real hands-on experience and opportunity to sample products from throughout its range. Divided into four distinct areas, which include HDBaseT technology, video-wall control solutions, DemoPad and a technical briefing area with CYP’s training manager Neil Walton, integrators, dealers and distributors are invited to pick the brains of the team, see working samples in action and find out about the latest solutions available. The full list of products being launched at ISE 2014: HDBaseT products • PU-442PL-KIT - 4 x 4 HDBaseT Lite Matrix with PoE, plus 2 additional independent HDMI zone outputs (total 4 x 6 Matrix) • PU-507RX-2H - 5-Play HDBaseTâ„¢ Receiver with dual HDMI outputs (inc. PoE & Single LAN, up to 100m) • AU-A300HBT - Integrated HDBaseT Digital Amplifier (Repeatable) • PU-2H8HBTE-AD - 2x8 HDBaseT Switch with Audio De-embedding • PU-507RX-SCD-5.1 – 5-Play HDBaseT receiver with integrated video scaling and audio breakout. • PU-507TX-HDVGA Switchable HDMI & VGA HDBaseTâ„¢ Transmitter with integrated video scaling (5-Playâ„¢ inc. PoE & single LAN, up to 100m) • PU-HBTE-ZE HDBaseT Zone extender 1 x HDMI / 1 x HDBaseT out • PU-HBTL-ZE HDBaseT lite Zone extender 1 x HDMI / 1 x HDBaseT out • EL-5500-HBT - 8 x 4 HDBaseT / HDMI / VGA presentation switch (With switchable digital bypass output) • PU-444HBTE 4 x 8 HDMI / HDBaseT Matrix (4 x HDBaseTâ„¢ & 4 x HDMI Outputs) (5-Playâ„¢ inc. PoE & single LAN, up to 100m) HDMI Switches and DA’s • OR-HD62CD - 6x2 UHD HDMI Switch with Audio De-Embedding • PU-44S-KIT - 4 x4 Ultralite HDMI and IR over Single CAT Matrix kit - (Includes 4 x PU-110RX Receivers) • OR-44VWC - 4 X 4 Seamless HDMI Video Wall Control Matrix HDMI Over CAT Extenders • PU-110-KIT - HDMI over Single CAT Extender Set (Including 1 Way IR) Audio Solutions • AU-A50 - Integrated 2-Channel Zone Amplifier (Audio Only) • AU-D820S - 8x20 Digital Audio Switch and Distribution Amplifier • PU-305BD-KIT - Bi-Directional Digital Audio over Single CAT Extender set Switches and Scalers • SY-4KS - HDMI 4K Scaler (Optional Up & Down Scaling) • EL-5400D - DVI / VGA / Display Port Presentation Switch HDMI Over Optical • PRO-HDMIFO-4K - 4K HDMI to Optical Distribution Kit (Max length 300m) DemoPad • CENTRO 8 – Complete home automation processor
Phil Davis, Sales and Marketing Director at CYP gives his take on ISE 2014 and trends for the coming year: What exciting new products will CYP be launching this year at ISE? It is an exciting time for anyone to be a partner of CYP. ISE 2014 will witness the exclusive launch of over thirty new AV distribution solutions, including more than ten innovative HDBaseT products, modular multi format matrices, presentation switches, 4K integration and much more. Our new multi-format modular matrix offers new unrivaled standards of performance and flexibility for integrators. Offering 8x16, 16x8 and 16x16 combination’s of any required signal format, the matrix can be configured with HDMI, HDBaseT (5-Play & 3-Play), DVI and VGA input and output boards. The modular matrix also delivers RS-232 pass through, IP control, DVI monitor output and dual removable internal power supplies that allow for easy inspection and maintenance with zero down time. At ISE, CYP will also be proudly launching the new DemoPad Centro 8 processor. This break-though control hardware offers new levels of control and integration for any installation partner. In a world where convergence and integration are driving new business, DemoPad is the fastest and most affordable way to control your audio, video, lighting, heating, cooling, security and much more directly from any tablet or smart phone device. What market trends do you foresee in 2014? As 2013 draws to a close, the AV market is witnessing the rapid adoption of IP based content and digital signal formats. Consumers now have options for AV content, distribution and control that they could only dream about 5 years ago. What this means is that there has never been a more exciting time to be a manufacturer at the forefront of AV distribution. 2014 will present a crossroads for the industry as we all prepare for further growth and mass market adoption of control integration platforms. The concept of the Internet of things’ is starting to gather pace and with the imminent launch of faster 4G networks and IPv6 protocols the extent of what can be achieved within both commerical and residential AV installations is endless. What makes the CYP difference? At its heart is a range of 350 tried and tested products that offer a standard of performance and reliability that cannot be matched. The key to building such a successful range lays with the ability to continuously develop new products that drive innovation. Within AV distribution this requires an excellent market understanding and the very best R&D engineers. CYP have a continuous new product roadmap containing over 30 projects at any one time, this ensures that we can always provide our partners with innovative application of the very latest technology. From our European headquarters in Shepperton we support distributors, systems integrators and installers throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. From initial specification of projects through to industry leading after sales support and training, we provide our partners with complete confidence in the AV solutions they deliver. Behind this support is a dedicated team of product managers and engineers who all have the skills and experience to deliver tangible help at every stage of the CYP journey. It is this passion for the industry and pride in our products that makes us the perfect manufacturer partner. Come and see us to meet the CYP team and find out more - booth number - Hall 4 - S65.

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