CEDIA takes to the Main Stage at ISE

At ISE 2020, CEDIA will be hosting several 30-minute presentations and panel discussions with technology integrators on the Main Stage in Hall 14 (Stand 14-B190).

Held throughout the four-day show, the free to attend sessions will focus on subjects such as 5G and Edge Computing, Human Centric Design, and Wellness and Biophilia.

The CEDIA Main Stage programme is listed below:

Tuesday 11th February
5G and Edge Computing – 11:00am-12:00pm
John Penney, media/tech expert

John has for years been at the nexus of content and tech, with 20-plus years’ experience in enterprise strategy development and delivery, strategic partnerships, and operational management for notable media and media technology-related companies. He has a proven aptitude for identifying new business opportunities, innovating new business models, and driving significant revenue growth, and he’ll use his expertise to examine what’s coming next in the connected world driven by 5G and edge computing.
Wednesday 12th February
Human Centric Design – 12:00-12:30pm
Peter Aylett, Archimedia and Rich Green, Rich Green Design

You've heard the term "human centric" in regard to lighting, right? What if we took that notion and applied it to literally everything we do? Rich and Peter will talk about designing custom systems for clients with a technique that requires you to think more like an anthropologist and less like an engineer.
Home Theatre Design – 12:30-1:00pm 
Nic Black, The Pyramid Group, James Ratcliffe, Homeplay, and Christopher Mullins, Sony Professional Solutions Europe

Join Nic, James, and Christopher for a deep dive into what it takes to make an award-winning, reference-grade dedicated home cinema with the best in the business. From the client discovery process, through the build, and into final calibration, this one will cover it all.
Thursday 13th February
Future of Smart Home – 12:30-1:00pm
Michael Sherman, Henri and Simon Fulstow, SONA

What’s next when it comes to whole-home integration? What’s next when it comes to security, access control, and lighting? What about voice control? HVAC? Smart plumbing? And most importantly, home networking? Two award-winning integrators give us the big picture on what’s working (and what’s not) and what’s sure to happen next.
Wellness and Biophillia – 2:00-2:30pm
Jeff Hayward, Wildwood PR and Cinzia Moretti, Moretti Interior Design

Cinzia will be joined by Jeff to share their insights into Wellness and Biophilia, and the opportunities this offers to integrators. Together, they will explore a number of different concepts and will look at the solutions that can make for a better, more “human” indoor experience.

Friday 14th February

AR/VR/XR – 10:30-11:00am
Rich Green, Rich Green Design

XR — extended reality — is an umbrella term that includes elements of AR, VR, and MR to make for a user experience unlike any other. Rich Green has great insights into what impact technological developments like this will have on entertainment, assisted living, user interfaces, and much more.
Designing MDUs – 11:00-11:30am
Eddie Shapiro, SmartTouchUSA and Chris Knight, Perfect Integration

Multiple-dwelling unit design offers a unique set of challenges for the integrator: creating systems that are user-friendly, customisable, and most importantly, repeatable is no small feat. Additionally, common areas are often part of these projects, too.

As well as the Main Stage sessions, CEDIA will also be running a full professional development programme at the show. 

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