Apple to discontinue HomePod

It has been reported that Apple is discontinuing its original HomePod smart speaker after just four years and will instead focus on the HomePod mini which was introduced last year.

It’s not clear why the tech giant is discontinuing the speaker but the report did reveal that Apple spent more than five years developing it, as well as building a full development centre near its headquarters in Cupertino. The facility has a dozen anechoic chambers, including one that is reported to be one of the biggest anechoic chambers outside of academic use in the US.

When the HomePod speaker was first released four years ago, it had a hefty price tag of £319 which took it to the top end of the home speaker market. Apple then dropped its price to £279 following market pushback. Its HomePod mini, which was launched last year, has been well received by the market, priced at a more affordable £99.

In a statement given to TechCrunch, Apple said that the original HomePod speaker will continue to be available while supplies last. It also states that HomePod customers will continue to receive software updates and service and support through Apple Care.

The company will continue focusing its efforts on the HomePod mini.

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