Alexa and Google voice control could be coming to the Xbox One

You may already be able to use Cortana to control your Xbox One, but wouldn’t it be great to speak to Alexa or Google Assistant too (you know, the voice-controlled devices most commonly found in homes)? This seems to be the thinking behind leaked information from Microsoft exploring bringing Amazon and Google Assistant support to the latest Xbox.

According to reports, a source at Microsoft has shared information detailing how the tech giant plans to roll out Alexa and Google Assistant support on the Xbox One, in addition to Cortana. The news isn’t that surprising given that that Kinect is no longer an option for the console, but finer details on what functionality and type of control this would bring are scarce at the moment.

As it stands, current support for Cortana is far from widespread (i.e. two countries outside of the US) but this is expected to change with the rumoured development that will simply require uses to enable voice control on system preferences and install the relevant skill from Google or Amazon.

Of course, with the news coming just ahead of arguably the biggest event of the gaming calendar, E3, it’s possible that we may hear more on this in the coming weeks.

Source: Windows Central

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