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LockState Announces its RemoteLock Wi-Fi Keypad Residential Door lock with Remote-Control Capabilities (28/11/2012)

The LockState RemoteLock is the first and only Web-controlled keypad residential door lock with remote-control capabilities making any home a Smart Home. Using an iPhone, Blackberry, Android, tablet, laptop, computer or any Web-connected device, users easily can use the RemoteLock as the foundation for a home automation system. It provides the highest security possible, while also integrating with other LockState Wi-Fi devices such as thermostats, power plugs, motion sensors and cameras. There’s no expensive equipment needed and the do-it-yourself installation takes just a few minutes.

Using RemoteLock a temporary code can be created or changed remotely using an iPhone, Blackberry, Android – or any Web-connected device such as a computer or tablet – with zero distance limitation.

Home automation is now easy and affordable with the new LockState Connect RemoteLock. The first-of-its-kind, this highly secure Web-controlled keypad door lock installs in just minutes without any special equipment and instantly provides heightened home security and user-friendly home automation. Using an iPhone or any mobile or Web-connected device, users easily can turn their condo, apartment, home or rental property into a Smart Home. The RemoteLock from LockState creates a complete home automation by allowing the user to control not only their front door remotely, but also the temperature of their house through the thermostat, as well as the lights, appliances, motion sensors or cameras.

For example, a RemoteLock user can use their iPhone or any Web-connect device to make sure the front hall lights are turned on before they return home, and the temperature is set to a cozy 75 degrees (or the air conditioner is turned on for warmer climates). Or if going on vacation, lock the front door, turn down the heat and set a lamp in the home to turn on each day at a certain time – all remotely from any mobile device or computer. Users also can easily create rules to govern device behavior or set alerts to be notified when their door is unlocked or other conditions are met. RemoteLock is ideal for singles, busy professionals, rental property owners, parents, seniors or anyone who wants a higher level of security combined with affordable home automation.

“Our goal with RemoteLock and our other internet enabled devices was to make a home automation system that is easy and affordable for anyone,” said LockState Director of Marketing, Rob Goff. “From the easy do-it-yourself installation that takes just a few minutes, to the rules and alerts you can set from your iPhone or any Web-connected device – anyone can have a Smart Home with our user-friendly system.”


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