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Helvar Launches HID Electronic Ballast Range (20/2/2012)

Helvar has announced the launch of its HID electronic ballast range to satisfy the increasing demand for energy efficient lighting and prevalence of electronic ballasts in modern luminaires. The new HID range is comprised of the EP-h electronic ballast for 20W, 35W, 70W, 100W and 150W metal halide lamps for indoor lighting solutions.

The EP-h fulfils the need for high-quality, modern and compact luminaires that operate with an increased efficiency on previous models. The EP-h ballast ensures low energy consumption with its A2 energy efficiency classification and the energy savings with EP-h are clear and measurable when compared with traditional magnetic ballasts.

“With the new EP-h ballasts we have industry leading efficiency figures that are compatible with the complete power range across three ballast sizes,” says Kelvin Lay, Ballasts Sales Director, Helvar UK. “The A2 classification meets with the final stage requirements of the European Commission Regulation No. 245/209 and our unique patent pending innovation ensures that the ballasts withstand transients of over 4kV.”

When developing this component, Helvar were mindful of the protection against supply transients and minimized the number of components to use the latest IC technology. The result is a finished product that is both ENEC and EMC certified.

Achieving a compact component that was both high-quality and lightweight were central to the Helvar brief and it has developed a unique, patent pending, strain relief which has been applied to the entire product family. Helvar’s clients will benefit from this innovation logistically in both order handling and warehousing.

The small and light ballasts offer advantages in modern, minimal luminaire design but also in storage and transportation, further reducing the carbon footprint of the product.


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