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Gefen Shows New AV Control and Distribution Products (4/8/2011)

CEDIA US Expo 2011

Leading digital connectivity solutions provider Gefen will present several new products for hi-def audio/video systems, all designed to solve common connectivity issues while enhancing overall system performance.

We invite you to visit our booth and meet with some of our key technical, sales and product development specialists who can address any questions you may have about the new solutions.

Professional Automation Control System

Gives access to audio/video devices equipped with RS-232 or IR control over any network system. Users can select sources, adjust volume, distribute video and more from any browser on the network. Existing automated systems can be accessed from anywhere, including home or office computers, delivering always-on access 24/7.

GefenTV Auto Volume Stabilizer for HDMI

Effectively controls the level of volume when listening to music, playing games or watching television. Spikes in volume when channel surfing or watching movies or TV are eliminated, solving one of the most common complaints among consumers.

GefenTV Auto Volume Stabilizer with 2.1 Amplifier

Offers a plug and play method of delivering two-channel audio with subwoofer using any digital or analog audio input. Also automatically stabilizes all outgoing audio to eliminate annoying spikes or drops in volume when watching TV, channel surfing, etc.

GefenTV 4x1 Switcher for HDMI with Digital Audio Decoding

Provides four HDMI inputs, along with one coax, one optical and one L/R analog audio input, and one HDMI output with 5.1 channel RCA ports. The selected source delivers 1080p full HD with 3DTV pass-through to a display, and audio as 5.1 surround sound using standard RCA connectors. It uses Dolby Pro Logic II technology, offering a quality delivery of digital audio in surround sound format.

GefenTV VGA to HD Scaler

Allows you to view low resolution analog video on any high-definition display equipped with HDMI. It works with all legacy computers, VCRs and mobile phones equipped with VGA or component to widen the scope of functionality. To further broaden its compatibility, it will also work with adapters for mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPod and iPad.

GefenTV Mini Signal Generator for HDMI 3DTV

Small and portable, this device works with all displays and projectors using HDMI, supplying numerous test patterns for calibrating and testing video performance such as HDCP verification and all aspects of HDTV including 3DTV. An on-screen menu guides users through all settings.


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