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MATELEC features lighting and illumination sector (26/7/2010)

The International Exhibition of Electrical and Electronic Equipment, MATELEC, is the leading industrial fair on the Spanish market. Its fifteenth edition will take place at Feria de Madrid between 26th and 29th October next, based on the support of all the associations and federations within the field, encompassing both manufacturers and installers and maintenance technicians, etc.

Specifically, according to figures furnished by the Association, ANFALUM, the lighting and illumination sector has witnessed a shift regarding the market trend in 2010, overcoming the adverse economic situation for the first time in three years. Thus, according to forecasts made by this Association, the Spanish market will feature a turnover of 1,380 million euros in the year 2010.

This improved performance will be driven by new market trends, such as the leap from incandescent lighting to low-consumption and LED technology, not to mention measures designed to boost energy saving and sustainability, the replacement of exterior lighting facilities with new energy-saving installations that avoid light pollution, and potential business opportunities that derive from the renewal of obsolete and inefficient facilities and installations.

Technological developments within the Spanish lighting and illumination sector focus strongly on energy efficiency, based on the use of low-consumption bulbs, light flow regulators, automated home technology (domotics) and integral building automation (inmotics), etc. At the same time, the sector is enjoying a boom under the heading of LED technology, which has led to the implementation of numerous large-scale projects relating to exterior lighting in the leading towns and cities throughout Spain, both along roads and outside monuments, museums, etc. Nevertheless, a regulatory and standardising framework has yet to be established, given that we are still at an early stage regarding the use of this technology within the field of public lighting.

MATELEC 2010 will feature the participation of numerous leading companies from the lighting and illumination sector, participants who will ensure the high technological stature and appeal of the exhibition. What is more, this technology works hand in hand with operators that are seeking to promote environmental concerns, such as the Ecolum Foundation, which is responsible for the Integrated Management System (SIG) for Lighting Product Recycling and Processing, which brings together some 150 companies from the industry and 1,177 recycled lighting product collection points.

In the year 2009, this system increased the amount of recycled waste by some 63 per cent. Ambilamp is another association that implements the Integrated Management System (SIG) for Lighting Product Recycling and Processing, carrying out important environmental work in terms of promoting the re-use of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).


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