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Arcam introduces the irDock audiophile-grade dock for iPod / iPhone (10/11/2009)

The first 'audiophile' dock for iPod worthy of the name, returns in a universal design with a remote handset and performance improvements - use with Arcam Solo and AV components for info displays and intelligent integration, or any with Hi-fi or AV system as a stand-alone dock.

In 2007 Arcam's rDock set new performance standards for an affordable iPod dock and went on to become a best-seller. The popularity of the rDock has encouraged Arcam produce an even more advanced version as a follow up. The new irDock allows anybody with any Hi-fi or Home Cinema system, irrespective of age or manufacturer, to enjoy iPod or iPhone music with superb quality. For Arcam owners, the irDock integrates totally and intelligently with all Solo systems, Arcam's latest AV receivers and the T32 DAB Tuner.

New is the full Infra Red remote control of all iPods and iPhone (including the latest generations) and the pass-through of any video content, thanks to the incorporation of Apple's video authentication chip. Control can be via the mini handset, Arcam handsets or a programmed universal remote.

The irDock uses audiophile-grade components and Arcam's high-end design techniques to deliver the best possible sound quality and is built with a high quality cast aluminium enclosure for optimum RF shielding. Further work on Enhanced RF suppression has resulted in improved sound quality.

Won't kill the battery - Sounds Better. Most docks leave the iPod charging all the time, damaging the battery. The irDock comes with a special charging on/off button, which enables the iPod to play from its internal battery. Using this intelligent feature will double the life of and iPod battery and brings a useful improvement in sound quality. The irDock’s low noise power supply comes with three plug attachments and universal voltage capability.

-The best sound quality from any iPod dock under £crazy money
- Uses the iPod's line-out connector, bypassing the headphone amp to achieve best quality
-Built-in audio pre-amp with high performance op-amps and low-noise double-regulated power supplies
-Highest quality line-level audio with buffered RCA phono audio outputs enabling audiophile cables to be used
-Massive die-cast anti-vibration base that uses Apple universal dock inserts supplied with all new iPods/Phones
-Full iPod remote control using the supplied mini remote handset or any Arcam System handset
-Displays iPod music info on Solos, AVR500/R600 receivers, the AV888 pre-amp processor and the T32 Tuner.
-S-Video and Composite outputs to television or screen to show photos or movies
-Made For iPod - Use 'Airplane' mode on iPhone to prevent cellular chirps

Arcam irDock £150.00.


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