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Waterfall Audio launches SERIO compact glass 2.1 and 5.1 loudspeaker systems (26/10/2009)

Glass loudspeaker expert Waterfall Audio has launched a groundbreaking new hi-fi loudspeaker concept that’s set to offer the ultimate in discrete, compact audio. Called SERIO, the diminutive satellite speaker features Waterfall’s striking glass design expertise, whilst offering high-performance sound. SERIO has been carefully crafted for both hi-fi and AV applications and comes with three mounting options: on-wall, tabletop and stand-mount. It is also available in three body colours: black, white and silver with matching grilles;(orange and green ‘fashion’ grilles are also available.)

SERIO is not just about innovative aesthetics, however. Waterfall has incorporated its patented Heatstream technology into the design, which offers incredible levels of power handling from a compact speaker unit. By cleverly coupling the speaker’s voice coil to the unit’s aluminium body, the speaker’s Atohm drive unit can efficiently dissipate enough heat for the high-power demands of high-quality audio and intensive home cinema soundtracks. SERIO is, therefore, the ultimate discreet, high-quality satellite loudspeaker.

SERIO Technical Description:

* Type: Sealed Enclosure * Recommended Amp: 30 to 80 Watts * Peak Power: 150 Watts * Impedance (mean/min): 8/4 Ohms * Efficiency (2,83V/1m): 87 dB * Frequency Response (+/- 3dB)) 180Hz – 20 KHz * Driver Unit : Bass/Midrange LD 80 Atohm * Dimensions 125 X 125 X 85 (HxWxD, in mm) * Weight / Each: 2.2 lbs. /1 Kg

UK RRP: £179.00 (single unit)

THE SERIO 2.1 SYSTEM / 5.1 SYSTEM Waterfall’s incredible SERIO satellite loudspeaker is also available in two packaged configurations: 2.1 for home audio and 5.1 for home cinema use. Both packages are supplied with Waterfall’s HF1 (High Force 1) compact, active subwoofer, which boasts 150 watts of dynamic, on-board amplification, delivered through a 9-inch bass driver.

All SERIO models are based around an 8cm, Atohm drive unit, housed in a die-cast aluminium chassis with a safety-glass surround. The overall cabinet depth of the SERIO satellite is just 8.5cm and each package comes with an accessory pack, including a wall bracket and three rubber mounting devices for desk/shelf positioning.

UK RRP: (2.1) £949.00 (5.1) £1449.00


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