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Marantz announces UD9004 Super Audio CD and Blu-ray player (21/7/2009)

Marantz monster offers reference standard audio and video replay

A fusion of its acclaimed flagship SA-7S1 Super Audio CD player and the very cutting edge of the company’s Blu-ray technology, Marantz’s UD9004 Blu-ray and SACD source is a true reference design for ultimate image and sound replay.

Whatever disc you care to spin – be it CD, SACD, DVD-Video or Blu-ray – the new profile 2.0 UD9004 player from Marantz will deliver exceptional results.

At the heart of the video circuit is the acclaimed Silicon Optix Realta processor. This offers Hollywood Quality Video, or HQV, from what is essentially a professional broadcast-quality video processing platform. Just some of its amazing features include pixel by pixel I/P conversion, 1080p upscaling by a full 10bit process for standard definition images, Detail Enhancement, DNR (Digital Noise Reduction), and high quality analogue video output by a 297MHz/12bit Video D/A converter.

To further enhance the 1080/24p picture the UD9004 can separate the audio and video signals – via dual HDMI outputs – to deliver the purest results possible. This AV Pure Direct mode minimizes the negative effect of running the signals together and reduces degradation thanks to a shorter signal path with less processing.

As this is a Marantz design, particular attention has been paid to audio performance. The UD9004 incorporates a three section, copper plated chassis, separating audio, video and power circuits to shield highly sensitive audio components.

The audio section is derived from Marantz’s acclaimed flagship SA-7S1 Super Audio CD player and comprises four separate circuit boards to avoid cross talk, including two dedicated boards for the XLR outputs. The circuitry uses the famous Marantz HDAM-SA2’s for all channels ensuring fast, precise and large bandwidth signal amplification, while a dedicated, oversized Toroidal transformer delivers the power. High Definition audio formats are processed by a high performance 32-bit floating point type Analog Devices DSP and converted into a high quality multi-channel LPCM signal.

Audio replay can be further enhanced via the Pure Direct Mode, which shuts down the video sections and display for the very best performance possible. Equally important to overall performance is the newly developed, proprietary, precision disc mechanism. Its ultra-thin aluminium die-cast tray and high inertia clamp offer incredibly precise operation, while the heavy zinc enclosure and insulated double layer cover remove all vibration. The tank-like build of the upgraded M1 chassis further reduces mechanical distortion. The extensively braced, chassis has a thick bottom plate with machine milled copper feet, sustaining mechanical stability and therefore sound quality. In fact, the design weighs in at massive 19.2 kgs.

The Marantz UD9004 will be available from August 2009, price £5500.


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