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Comet predicts "virtual chefs" and "intelligent fridges" for kitchens in 2014 (24/4/2009)

2014 will see Brits ditching cook-along programmes to watch their very own virtual chef at work

A new report by electrical specialist Comet, predicts that our kitchens will take a dramatic turn for the better by 2014. In five years we will be experiencing new technology developments in our home kitchens with the addition of "virtual chefs" and "intelligent fridges" that can suggest bespoke recipes based on its contents. Brits love a good cook-along programme with Gordon Ramsay and James Martin leading the way but soon the celebrity chef will be phased out in favour of personal virtual culinary assistants who will be a permanent fixture in each of our homes in just five years time.

A welcome addition to help ease our busy lifestyles is the "virtual chef" which takes the form of a 3D virtual hologram, Comet predicts. The "virtual chef" will act as a human friend who will be constantly by our side to offer cooking advice, cookery technique demos and bespoke recipe suggestions in the comfort of our own kitchens. The British kitchen will change significantly in the next five years and become a much more exciting place to cook in. No longer will there be struggles to get cooking timings and measurements correct, the virtual chef will take the pressure off so we can focus on entertaining and relaxing. Gone will be the days of listening to Ainsley Harriet's bad jokes or Nigella's sultry suggestions, the "virtual chef" will only speak when spoken to.

The "intelligent fridge" will be a second addition to the kitchen of the future, programmed with technology to offer recipe and mealtime suggestions just by sensing what contents lie inside it. Comet predicts that the 'intelligent fridge' will have the ability to contact you on your way home from work and suggest a variety of options for your supper to save you a trip to the supermarket. By 2014, traditional recipe books will be a thing of the past as our kitchens will boast 'electronic paper' recipes and video demonstrations placed on walls or cupboards for our convenience.

Brits are more than ready for the arrival of these new future kitchen technologies with almost a third of those aged 20-24 eager to have robots cooking their dinner and 40% expecting our fridges to suggest recipes based on its contents.

Bob Darke, Comet's Commercial Director, is excited about the future developments in the kitchen, "Five years is not that far away and before we know it our kitchens will become more advanced than we can imagine. In previous decades areas such as home entertainment have excelled in technological advances, and it will soon be the kitchen that will start to evolve and introduce new and exciting developments."

Future Laboratory experts

* Ian Pearson, renowned UK based futurologist, formerly working with BT, now runs his own company which advises companies and governmental bodies on future technology scenarios

* Michael Liebhold, senior researcher at the Institute of the Future (IFTF) an independent not for profit research group. They work with governments and organizations of all kinds to help them make informed decisions about the future

* Tino Schaedler, who has worked on several big budget productions, such as Tim Burton's `Charlie and the Chocolate Factory', Catwoman, V for Vendetta and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and the upcoming New Line production The Golden Compass as art director for digital sets

* Micheal Bove Jnr, head of the MIT Media Lab's Consumer Electronics Laboratory he is the author or co-author of over 50 journal and conference papers on digital television systems, multimedia and visual display technologies

* Mads Thimmer, founder of Innovation Labs, a company which specialises in technology and organises a biannual future technology event, Next, where they bring the brightest minds of tomorrow's science and technology together to debate where things are going


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