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LG's Intelligent Sensor cuts LCD TV energy consumption by up to 70 per cent (24/9/2008)

LG Electronics (LG) unveils today that independent testing has confirmed that its Intelligent Sensor technology significantly reduces energy consumption within its TV products.

At a time when consumers are increasingly looking to reduce their energy consumption for both environmental and cost reasons, TÜV SÜD, the prominent European testing, inspection and certification organisation, found that LG LCD TVs with LG's Intelligent Sensor technology consume up to 69.5 per cent less power than standard models.

LG's Intelligent Sensor is a unique technology that analyses the ambient light in a room using a 4,096-step algorithm and then automatically adjusts the TV's settings for optimal picture quality. In this process, it not only changes settings like colour saturation and contrast, but also the intensity of the TV's backlight. This improves picture detail considerably and saves power.

"The intelligent sensor is one of the best results of our ongoing efforts to create eco-friendly products that offer the same or even better quality than conventional TV products," said George Mead, marketing manager for digital display at LG Electronics. "As part of our goal to become one of the top three global players in consumer electronics by 2010, LG is taking a proactive approach to energy and environmental issues, working to enhance our expertise and capabilities in these areas."

Intelligent Sensor technology is available on a number of LG's LCD TV models including the LG5000, LG Scarlet (LG6000/LG6100) and LG7000.

As well as having Intelligent Sensor technology to reduce energy consumption, LG also has the largest range of IDTVs registered to the Energy Saving Trust's 'Energy Saving Recommended (ESR) scheme'. To gain entry to the Energy Saving Recommended scheme products have to meet strict criteria to ensure that they are amongst the most efficient in the market place. LG ESR TVs can save up to 20 per cent on power consumption.

These findings were also confirmed by both the Korea Electric Testing Institution* and the Centre for Electrical Power Information and Technology Studies at the University of Indonesia**. The Underwriters Laboratory*** in the US, a world leader in product safety testing and certification, also found similar results.

* The Korea Electric Testing Institution found that the Scarlet LG60 can reduce power consumption by up to 69.5%.
** The Centre for Electrical Power Information and Technology Studies at the University of Indonesia found that the Scarlet LG60 consumes 60% less power than previous models.
*** The Underwriters Laboratory in the United States found that the Scarlet LG60 consumes up to 56% less power than previous models.


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