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Russ Andrews Accessories introduces Crystal-24 speaker cable with WBT Nextgen Connectors (28/7/2008)

Russ Andrews' Crystal-24 speaker cable is now available with the latest high specification banana plugs from leading connections manufacturer, WBT.

The Crystal-24 cable is manufactured with the same Hyper pure copper and Teflon insulation as the respected Kimber Kable 8TC product, but with a total of 24 individual wires rather than the 16 used in 8TC. Each woven conductor contains seven strands of copper, with each one a different diameter. This VariStrand technology is designed to spread the skin effect more easily, resulting in a cable that doesn't favour any particular frequency. The weave that is characteristic of Kimber's 8TC speaker cable is enhanced in Crystal-24 thanks to the additional conductors effecting a steeper weave angle and the extra mass of conductors result in a cable with lower resistance.

The WBT-0610 banana plugs employ the nextgen principle of low mass and an insulation of Makrolon(r). Utilising an expanding inner spike the plug provides a very secure connection to the speakers for optimum signal transfer. Both pure copper (WBT-0610Cu) and pure silver (WBT-0610Ag) versions are available on the Crystal-24, giving the user choice of their preferred connection material.

Russ Andrews, managing director said "Crystal-24 has been described by some as the new reference for a speaker cable at this level. Adding the exceptional WBT banana plugs takes the cable to the next level, giving a musical performance that I haven't heard in any other cable in this price category."

Prices and availability

Crystal-24 speaker cable with WBT-0610

2.5m pair £525 (WBT Cu) £625 (WBT Ag)
4.5m pair £725 (WBT Cu) £825 (WBT Ag)

Available direct from Russ Andrews Accessories with a 60 day money back guarantee if not entirely satisfied.


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