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Unique Automation's bathomatic takes bathroom automation a step further (27/11/2007)

Stand T1888, Integrated Systems Europe 2008

At last the final frontier has been breached - full automation has arrived in the bathroom!

bathomatic is a digital bath filler that is fully compatible with automation systems as well as PCs via WAN. This new technological advancement, developed by Unique Automation, can be installed into any new bath or retro-fitted, due to its unique motorised waste assembly.

A basic touch screen interface in the bathroom allows local use of bathomatic, but for remote use it interfaces with AMX, Crestron and other automation touch screen systems via RS232 or TCP/IP. The applications of this are enormous - allowing users to switch on bath filling on their way home from work, from the comfort of their armchair in front of the television, or pre-programme filling for a set time each morning.

When activated, bathomatic lowers the motorised plug, fills the bath tub from the overflow or an outlet on the side of the bath to a predetermined depth and temperature. The controlled filling has further benefits of preventing flooding and scalding, whilst saving energy and water.

The filling process is microprocessor-controlled and the pre-set temperature and level are always achieved, regardless of temperature and pressure fluctuations of the incoming water. Bath water is monitored within the waste assembly, which incorporates a conventional overflow and is equipped with depth and temperature sensors. With the basic bathomatic model, the water temperature is maintained by letting out cooled water and replenishing with hot water maintaining the depth.

The bathomatic eco ultimate model can add fragrances or bubble bath to the water and incorporates a modulating in-line heater which is activated should there be any loss of water temperature. Thus, the water temperature can be kept constant for any length of time even hours - without letting water out. Between baths, the system is fully drained to maintain hygiene levels.

bathomatic is available in number of options: starting with bathomatic basic (comprising bathomatic basic controller, motorised waste kit and basic user interface in white or black) through to bathomatic eco ultimate (comprising bathomatic eco controller, motorised waste kit with filler, basic user interface in white or black, in-line heater and 8-way oils dispenser). The touch-screen user interface has a minimalist, white or black all-glass facia suitable for installations in steam environments, however customised fascias are available. Prices start at around 4,000 (ex VAT).

Director, Fredy Vasilev, comments: "bathomatic has been several years in development and is a long-awaited addition to the bathroom. With its connectivity to automation systems, it takes bathroom automation a step further.

"Display modules demonstrating the functionality of bathomatic have been developed for our dealers. This type of demo unit is the ultimate presentation of automation in action to the end consumer as they can clearly see the product's practical applications to daily life."


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