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Audio Authority Adds IR Flexibility to the AVAtrix with the Model 1109 IR Breakout Device (26/10/2007)

Audio Authority has designed an IR Injector for the AVAtrix and related products. The Model 1109 is an IR breakout device for up to six Audio Authority Cat 5 Wallplate/ receivers. This product is designed to allow any wired IR device to send signals to or receive signals from IR devices plugged into the Wallplate receivers used in AVAtrix or SixDrive.

Example Application

A typical application would involve multiple TVs in remote locations that must be turned on every day. The 1109 can be installed in the Cat 5e/6 pathway between the AVAtrix and the Wallplates. An IR device can then be connected to the 1109 IR jacks to inject IR control signals into the Cat 5 pathway leading to the Wallplates at the TV locations. The IR signals can be transmitted to the TVs via an IR emitter plugged into the Wallplate IR jack.

1109 Features

* Injects or extracts IR signals from Cat 5e/6 Wallplate bus * Passive device, requires no power source * Works with Cat 5 outputs from AVAtrix¬ and SixDrive¬ (AVX-561, AVX-661, 1170, 1171, and 1176) * Works with any Audio Authority Cat 5 receiver including Models 9878, 9879, and 9880 * Each Wallplate IR pathway operates independently

MSRP: $200.00 US. Available October 2007.


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