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Sharp develops new LCD technologies that achieve high image quality, super-thin profile and advanced environmental performance (4/9/2007)

Bringing together an essential refinement of LCD technologies to create the super-thin TV of the future

Sharp Corporation has today announced the development of a new prototype LCD TV that will refine the essence of its LCD technologies to date and surpass existing models in terms of image quality, thin-profile design, and environmental performance.

Sharp is focusing its world vision on creating the television of the future. The internaltional shift to digital broadcasting continues to advance and, in this environment, demand for LCD TVs is growing rapidly on a global scale. Outstanding features such as thin profile, high resolution image display, and low power consumption make LCD TVs attractive both as primary televisions in living rooms and as personal TVs in private spaces.

At the same time, as broadcasting and communications shift to digital format, an environment is now in place that enables viewers to watch noise-free, high definition video images simply and easily. Under such circumstances consumers of the future will be seeking even higher image quality, larger screen sizes, completely new designs that will revolutionise living spaces, and advanced environmental performance.

The prototype LCD TV brings together Sharp's unique, one-of-a-kind LCD technologies nurtured over more than three decades of experience in this field to achieve unprecedented, mind-blowing levels of performance and design with a thickness of 2 cm (main display section; 2.9 cm at the thickest part), contrast ratio of 100,000:1, and power consumption of 140 kWh/year in a 50-inch class TV.

By working to achieve further innovations in LCD technology in the future, Sharp will be creating LCD TVs that will completely transform living spaces and become the support and driving force behind the digital video culture of the 21st century.

Overview of Prototype 52V-inch TV
Contrast: 100,000:1
Colour reproducibility: 150% of NTSC color gamut
Thickness: 2 cm (main display section); 2.9 cm (thickest part)
Weight: 25 kg
Annual power consumption*: 140 kWh/year

* Annual power consumption is the amount of electrical power used in one year calculated according to the Energy Conservation Law based on screen size and type of receiver and standardized to the average daily viewing time of a typical household (4.5 hours).


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