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Trio of Groundbreaking new SIM2 Models Launched at CEDIA Expo 2006 (27/6/2006)

CEDIA UK Expo 2006

CEDIA EXPO 2006 will see SIM2 Multimedia launch a triumvirate of outstanding new HD-ready, single-chip DLP projectors. The Domino D35 and Grand Cinema(tm) HT305E designs world premiere at the exhibition, which also sees the recently previewed Grand Cinema(tm) HT3000 projector.

The new models reinforce SIM2's position as the recognised world leader in high definition, Digital Light Processing (DLP(tm)) picture solutions. Not only do these new designs deliver enhanced performance when compared with their class-leading predecessors, but amazingly they also carry significantly lower prices than the models they replace.

And, finally, as befits any product with Italian pedigree, these projectors are undoubtedly some of the most beautifully-styled available.

Grand Cinema(tm) HT305E

Building on the performance of SIM2's multi award-winning HT300E projector, the company's new HT305E design, incredibly, manages to set even higher standards. This comes thanks to a patented light engine incorporating superior glass optics and excellent processing electronics, built specifically for the HT305E. The projector also offers increased light output, through the use of a more powerful 150W lamp.

And despite such astonishing enhancements the new design costs 1000 less than its illustrious predecessor.

The HT305E features a plethora of inputs, including a pure digital, uncompressed HDMI(tm) HDCP connection. Among a raft of other features, you'll find complete colour control with SIM2's Live Colours Management (LCM) and a long-throw ratio 1.8-2.4:1 lens for a true home cinema experience. The gorgeously styled HT305E projector is available in Gun Metal gloss cabinet finish.

Domino D35

Amazingly the Domino D35 employs a version of the patented ALPHA PATH(tm) light engine as found in SIM2's reference standard HT305E projector. Allied to superior glass optics, Texas Instruments' HD2+ DarkChip2(tm) chipset - with a native 1280 x 720 pixels resolution (720p) for true high definition capability - this delivers a vastly improved contrast ratio of 3200:1. Add in upgraded electronics and a more powerful 150W lamp, for improved images and higher light output, the result is a picture of breathtaking quality.

A long-throw lens (1.8-2.4:1) allows the projector to be positioned at the back of the room, recreating the experience of a real cinema, while on-board video processing prevents the introduction of the motion artefacts and jagged edges. The D35 also embraces a pure digital, uncompressed HDMI(tm) HDCP connection.

Again the new design is 1,000 less expensive than the model it supersedes. The D35 is available in either Black Shadow or White Evolution cabinet finishes.

Grand Cinema(tm) HT3000

SIM2's HT3000 sets the new benchmark standard for single-chip projectors.

Capable of displaying the ultimate High Definition signal at its native resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels progressive (1080p), the HT3000 implements the very latest DLP(tm) chipset from Texas Instruments. The result is new levels of cinematic realism for genuinely film-like images.

The HT3000 allies the newly developed 0,95" 1080p single DMD chip to the company's proprietary ALPHA PATH(tm) light engine. Full 10-bit DSP processing is also used for the first time, offering significant picture improvement.

Elsewhere, you'll find is a 7-segment colour wheel, along with SIM2's Live Colours Management picture control software and customizable memory functions. Completing the package is a pair of HDMI HDCP digital connections.

The HT3000 delivers excellent contrast ratio, sharp, smooth and seamless images with enhanced colours, and greater detail to dark scenes. And just as beautiful as the picture is the stunningly designed cabinet.

With three such thrilling new projectors, especially at such remarkable prices, SIM2 has once again redefined the DLP projector landscape. As they say, the best things in life always come in threes.

Suggested retail prices inc VAT: D35 2,999.00, HT305E 4,999.00 and HT3000 11,999.00.
Availability: July 2006.

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