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ICM Corp Introduces New Radial Bubble Compression Tool and One-Piece Bubble Connectors (25/1/2006)

ISE 2006

International Communications Manufacturing Corp. (ICM) introduces a radial bubble compression (RBC) tool and new line of one-piece, non-blind entry, bubble connectors. Together the new compression tool and connectors are known as the "db 360 System."

ICM is the parent company of CablePro and FConn Industries, recognized leaders in 360-degree compression tools and connectors.

"The double bubble (db) is a patent-pending design that allows installers to achieve an extraordinarily solid connection," said Randy Holliday, ICM CEO. "CablePro's signature 360-degree compression tools and F-Conn connectors continue to evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of designers and installers worldwide. With db we are responding to market demand for a competitively priced, high-performance connector."

The db design utilizes two 360-degree compression connections (one interior and one exterior) to ensure the creation of permanent, rock-solid connections.

CablePro CPLCRBC Tool

CablePro's CPLCRBC tool provides the same quality compression experienced with the popular CablePro RTC360 tool, but is lighter, more compact, and easier to use. Additionally, its open face design accommodates more connector sizes and styles, including the F-Conn series of F, BNC and RCA connectors, as well as the new line of db connectors. The new tool is available with blue, green, red, or yellow grips.

F-Conn db Connectors

The new line of F-Conn one-piece, non-blind entry, bubble connectors are specifically made to be used with the new CablePro CPLCRBC Tool. The new line includes F, RCA and BNC connectors for 59, 6 and security size cables.

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