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WeatherHawk-IP Server Module (21/1/2005)

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2005), WeatherHawk (Booth #26824) announces availability of the WeatherHawk-IP server module. With WeatherHawk-IP, a WeatherHawk automatic weather station becomes a real-time weather data server that can be directly connected to a network. WeatherHawk-IP supports bi-directional communications between a WeatherHawk weather station and a network so that a user can set the weather station clock, download data and get real-time values over the internet/intranet. File transfer formats supported are HTML, XML and CSV.

WeatherHawk-IP significantly reduces the effort required to interface a WeatherHawk weather station to a wide range of home automation control systems by eliminating the need to write a proprietary software driver. Most home control systems have the ability to extract data from one of the supported file formats directly.

The WeatherHawk-IP module is supplied in a weatherproof, outdoor enclosure and is easily installed on any WeatherHawk weather station by connecting to the serial data (RS232) I/O on the underside of the WeatherHawk, or to the output of the base station for wireless WeatherHawks.

WeatherHawk and WeatherHawk-IP are manufactured in the United States and supported worldwide through a combination of affiliated companies and independent dealers. Please contact WeatherHawk to purchase an exciting NEW WeatherHawk weather station, or for information on how to become a WeatherHawk Reseller.

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