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LG Electronics Showcases 'Digital Home' Innovations (17/1/2005)

Industry Leader Takes 'Home Network' to Next Level With Latest Internet-Enabled, Networked Home Appliances

In an aggressive move to reinforce its commitment to establishing the latest in digital home appliance solutions in today's digital age, LG Electronics, a leading global consumer products manufacturer, today unveiled the latest innovations to its "Home Network" system at the 2005 International Builders' Show. LG's next evolution of home appliance technology, home network and full line of Internet-enabled appliances, along with its other home appliance introductions, will be on display at the show all week, at the Orlando Convention Center (Booth #W1501), January 13-16, 2005.

The LG Home Network is a future appliance system that helps consumers control their home appliances, search information anytime, anywhere, and communicate with their home devices remotely via the power of the Internet. LG's digital home network system comprises four individual appliances previously introduced by LG in other markets outside of the U.S., including LG's Internet refrigerator, Internet microwave, Internet washing machine and Internet air-conditioner, all which connect and communicate via power line communication (PLC) to allow for complete and direct communication remotely, via the Internet.

The four LG products are high-end, fully functional appliances with a futuristic yet sleek design that reinforces the company's commitment to R&D and bringing 'best-of-breed' products to market that address rapid industry change, and growing consumer demand and need.

"LG's advances in digital home appliance technology have been widely followed and emulated throughout the appliance arena," said Teddy Hwang, President of Digital Appliances for LG Electronics, U.S.A. "Our knowledge of how people interact with their home appliances, coupled with our considerable patent portfolio and continued stream of consumer electronics innovations, is propelling us to new heights. The LG Home Network is the emerging trend in home appliances that features built-in communication capabilities, providing people with added convenience and safety at home, and more time for leisure. We are excited to continue to expand LG's Home Network in the future to other parts of the world."

While these unique products are great devices on their own, when connected together and once activated via the PLC system, they can communicate and essentially "talk" to one another. Now, consumers can have full access to their digital appliances while they're in the office via their computer, or on-the-go via their mobile phone -- enabling them to turn their washing machine on, download a recipe or cool their home down at the mere touch of a button. The LG Internet Refrigerator, which will be available in the U.S. in the near future, serves as the 'heart and soul' of LG's Home Network -- as it contains a server which controls the communication to the other three appliances.

With the increasing efficiency of broadband networks and rising Internet penetration rates, some countries outside of the U.S. are seeing an earlier-than-expected realization of the networked home. LG's Home Network system operates in three developmental stages:

-- Stage One: i-@ble stage -- Individual Internet-enabled products such as the previously announced LG Internet refrigerator, Internet washing machine, Internet microwave and Internet air-conditioner.
-- Stage Two: Living network stage -- Involves the connection of the individual Internet products via a network, and the enabling of remote home control and home automation. An example of this is LG Electronics' home networking system, the first of its kind worldwide, which was launched in Britain and Mexico in 2002. The system enables home tasking, such as remote-controlled lighting within the home and remote control of various appliances, as well as home security.
-- Stage Three: e-Home stage -- LG's "total home solution," offers complete home management, such as self-diagnosis and automatic reporting. It also provides home safety, advanced home security, and home entertainment solutions.

Products specifications and availability are subject to change.

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