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ABB, Bosch, Cisco and LG Announce Consortium to Develop Open Standard for Smart Homes (30/10/2013)

NHPC Publishes 'Making Sense of the Smart Home: Applications of Smart Grid and Smart Home Technologies for the Home Performance Industry' (17/10/2013)

KNX Gains Approval as Chinese Standard (GB/T 20965) for Home and Building Control (14/10/2013)

HDMI Forum Releases Version 2.0 of the HDMI Specification (5/9/2013)

WiSA Association Demos Latest in Wireless Surround Sound with New HDMI Audio Hub and HDTV Transmitter Dongle (2/9/2013)

HDBaseT Alliance Releases 2.0 Specification and Introduces HomePlay (2/9/2013)

CEDIA Releases Guide to Effective Marketing (23/8/2013)

Wi-SUN Alliance Promotes Interoperable Home Energy Management Implementations in Collaboration with ECHONET Consortium (30/7/2013)

ZigBee Alliance Ratifies Version 1.2 of its Home Automation Standard (25/7/2013)

Microsoft Announces Lab of Things Research-Device Platform Based on its HomeOS System (22/7/2013)

CEDIA Releases Wireless Audio White Paper (15/7/2013)

IEEE Publishes IEEE 1905.1-2013 Standard Designed to Enhance Home Network Technology Interoperability (3/7/2013)

WiSA Opens First Authorised Test Center Managed by Simplay Labs (26/6/2013)

nVoy Certification Ushers Hybrid Home Networking into the Mainstream (24/6/2013)

CEDIA Publishes Telepresence Opportunities for Home Technology Professionals White Paper (31/5/2013)

HDBaseT Alliance Membership Tops 60 as HDBaseT Gains Adoption Worldwide (30/5/2013)

HomeGrid Forum and HomePNA Alliance Announce Merger to Promote Wired Home Networking (30/5/2013)

MHL Consortium Reaches 200 Adopter Milestone Enabling Mobile Devices to Output Full HD Content and Surround Sound to HD Displays While Charging (30/5/2013)

ZigBee Alliance And Echonet Consortium Collaborate on Smart Home Energy Management Systems (30/5/2013)

ETSI Publishes Specification for Ultra Low Energy DECT Intended for Home Automation and Other M2M Applications (16/5/2013)

CEA Announces New Standard Group for Connected Home and Smart Energy (10/5/2013)

Customised Founds #LiveInstall as Shop Window for Custom Installation Across the UK (23/4/2013)

ULE Alliance Forms to Establish ULE as Control Network Eco-System for Home and Building Use (19/4/2013)

The EnOcean Alliance Advances Wireless Standard for Green Buildings (19/3/2013)

Department for Business, Innovation & Skills Announces Future Cities Catapult to be Hosted in London (13/3/2013)

KNX Association Partners with TÜV Rheinland for Product Testing in Asia, Europe and North America (1/3/2013)

CEA Announces New Modular Communications Interface Standard for Energy Management (28/2/2013)

WiGig Alliance Endorses Publication of IEEE 802.11ad Standard for Very High Throughput in 60 GHz Band (20/2/2013)

HDBaseT Alliance Features Ever-Growing Products Ecosystem at ISE 2013 (28/1/2013)

CEDIA Releases its Recommended Wiring Guidelines Defining Smart Home Cabling Requirements for the Modern Home (9/1/2013)

DLNA, HomePlug, MoCA and Wi-Fi Alliance Present Connected Living at 2013 International CES (17/12/2012)

CEDIA Releases Second Edition of Electronic Systems Technical Reference Manual

WiSA Establishes Technical Advisory Committee and Special Interest Groups to Define Advancements in High Definition Audio Technology (15/11/2012)

CEDIA Works with the Registered Digital Institute on Reciprocal Membership Initiatives (13/11/2012)

KNX Association Welcomes Fujitsu General as 300th Member (5/11/2012)

CEDIA Region 1 Aligns Global Membership Criteria - Removes Employing a CEDIA Certified Professional as Mandatory Requirement (29/10/2012)

CEA 4K Working Group Recommends Ultra High-Definition or Ultra HD as Term for Next Era of Television (23/10/2012)

The Clarity Alliance Introduces New Membership Category for Business Services Companies (10/10/2012)

Meridian Launches 'Audio Secrets' Designers Handbook (28/9/2012)

HDBaseT Alliance Certifies Multiple HDBaseT-Enabled Devices from Atlona, Crestron and Kramer Electronics (24/9/2012)

UPnP Forum Announces UPnP+ Initiative Including Bridging Non-UPnP Networks (17/9/2012)

WiSA Releases Compliance Test Specification for Interoperability Between Wireless Speakers and CE Devices (17/9/2012)

ZigBee Alliance Forms Group Examining Japan's New Smart Home Recommendations (29/8/2012)

HDBaseT Alliance Demo Device Interoperability and Consumer Applications at CEDIA Expo 2012 (8/8/2012)

Wyrestorm Launches New Website with Plethora of Industry-Focused Features (2/8/2012)

The Clarity Alliance Launches with a New Vision for the Hi-Fi and Home Cinema Industry in the UK (12/7/2012)

CEA Launches Foundation in Support of Seniors and People with Disabilities (29/6/2012)

HomeGrid Forum Opens Certification Program (27/6/2012)

CEDIA Launches New Global Consumer-Focused Website (25/6/2012)

Legrand Opens up Smart New World with My Open Online Community and OpenWebNet Protocol (19/6/2012)

Board Approves InfoComm Audiovisual Systems Energy Management Standard (19/6/2012)

HGI Announces New Smart Home Task Force (14/6/2012)

Z-Wave Alliance Announces 650th Certified Product (12/6/2012)

ZigBee Announces Certified Product Availability Surpasses 500 (12/6/2012)

KNX Announces New Apps for its ETS4 Engineering Tool Software (31/5/2012)

CEDIA Releases Ten Steps to Creating a Robust Wireless Environment for Mobile Device Integration White Paper (31/5/2012)

UPnP Forum Announces Over 1000 Devices Certified as Compliant with UPnP Standards (31/5/2012)

1394 Trade Association Approves Revised AM Specification for Mobile and Residential Consumer Audio Applications (29/5/2012)

UPnP Forum Publishes New Specifications Enabling Standardised End-to-End Management of the Home Network (18/5/2012) 

CEA-CEDIA Committee Approves Home Theater Video and Smart Grid Installation Standards (8/5/2012)

CEDIA Launches Industry Smartphone App for Apple, Blackberry and Android Devices (8/5/2012)

InfoComm Opens Public Review Period of Draft Energy Management Standard (2/5/2012)

International Electrotechnical Commission Ratifies ISO/IEC 14543-3-10 Standard for Wireless Applications with Ultra-Low Power Consumption (27/4/2012)

IQD Supports ONE-NET Open-Source Wireless Control Standard (27/4/2012)

The Broadband Forum, DECT Forum, HGI, Open IPTV Forum, Open Mobile Alliance and the Small Cell Forum Cooperate to Drive the Development of Home Environment Services (26/4/2012)

Z-Wave Alliance presents solutions for the 'Digital Home' at Light+Building 2012 (16/4/2012)

HGI Strengthens Board and Sets Sights on Smart Home Ecosystem (13/4/2012)

Z-Wave Alliance Showcases Environmentally Friendly Home Control Solutions at Light+Building 2012 (5/4/2012)

BRE Adds Cytech Comfort Home Control System to its Innovation Park Visitor Centre (30/3/2012)

CEDIA Publishes White Paper on Mobile Devices in Residential Systems Integration (27/3/2012)

DLNA Includes RVU Alliance Remote User Interface the DLNA Interoperability Guidelines (21/3/2012)

DLNA Approves HomePlug AV and HD-PLC Powerline Networking for Increased Digital Home Connectivity (16/3/2012)

EnOcean Alliance Shows Wireless Products for Green Buildings at Ecobuild 2012 (24/2/2012)

DiiVA Offers Ecosystem for Home Entertainment Networking (14/2/2012)

HDBaseT Alliance Demos Home Networking and Commercial Installation Use Cases at ISE 2012 (27/1/2012)

ZigBee Alliance Announces ZigBee Light Link Standard for LED Lighting Control (11/1/2012)

Wireless Speaker and Audio Association Launches to Promote Interoperability and Certification Program for Wireless Audio Connectivity (11/1/2012)

Panamax/Furman Updates Certification, Training, and Partnership Resources (16/12/2011)

KNX Makes Entry Easier With New ETS eCampus eLearning Tool (14/12/2011)

International Society of Automation Announces New Building Automation Systems Division (2/12/2011)

HDMI Founders Announce HDMI Forum to Broaden Industry Participation in HDMI Specification (14/11/2011)

Living PlanIT and Deutsche Telekom Announce Strategic Partnership to Drive Smart City Connectivity (18/10/2011)

HDBaseT Alliance Adds 'Power over HDBaseT to 1.0 Specification (4/10/2011)

RVU Alliance Showcases Remote User Interface Technology (23/9/2011)

HDBaseT Alliance Demos a Multi-Device Home Entertainment Installation at CEDIA Expo (31/8/2011)

CEDIA Releases HDMI Troubleshooting White Paper (15/8/2011)

CEDIA Technology Council Releases Emerging Trends Video Covering Wireless Distributed Audio, Cloud-Based Applications, and App Integration (10/8/2011)

ZigBee Alliance Announces ZigBee Gateway Standard (29/7/2011)

ng Connect Program Announces 12 New Members (29/7/2011)

GreenPeak Launches ZigBee RF4CE USB Stick (27/7/2011)

DSP Group Publishes White Paper on 'DECT Home Networking - The Next Step in Home Automation' (26/7/2011)

Digital Living Network Alliance Approves HomePNA for Inclusion in its Networked Device Interoperability Guidelines (22/7/2011)

Project Grass aims to launch a new UK hi-fi and home cinema industry trade association by 2012 (14/7/2011)

eu.bac Announces Formation of Residential Controls Group (1/7/2011)

RIBA and BRE Produce 'A Guide for Assisted Living, Towards LifeHome 21' Providing New Guidance on Designing Assisted Living Homes (1/7/2011)

CEDIA Launches Free Business Health Check Service (1/7/2011)

Project Grass presents plans for trade association serving the UK specialist hi-fi and home cinema sectors (23/6/2011)

Global German Auto Manufacturers Support HomePlug GP Specification (8/7/2011)

MoCA sets sights on in-home backbones in Europe (13/5/2011)

InfoComm Opens Projected Image System Contrast Ratio Draft Standard for Public Review (10/5/2011)

KNX projects improve energy balance through building automation (28/4/2011)

HomeGrid Forum Welcomes ITU-T G.hnem Recommendations as Major Impetus to Development of Smart Grid Applications for AMI and In-Home Energy Management (13/4/2011)

KNX Association Elects New Executive Board with Stephan Bauer as President (31/3/2011)

ITU Announces Final Stage of Approval for G.hnem Smart Grid Standards (18/3/2011)

KNX and EEBus form Alliance for Smart Energy Solutions (14/3/2011)

CEDIA Launches Industry White Papers for Members (9/2/2011)

HDBaseT Alliance announces 23 new members (9/2/2011)

CEDIA Announces New Membership and Education Initiatives (7/3/2011)

HomeGrid Forum and ZigBee Alliance Agree to Establish Wired and Wireless Smart Home Applications (18/2/2011)

IEEE Publishes Final 1901TM Broadband over Power Line Standard (18/2/2011)

ZigBee Alliance Announces 100 ZigBee Smart Energy Products Now Certified (14/2/2011)

BADA Announces Plans Following the Winding up of the BFA (11/2/2011)

HD-PLC Alliance Certifies Powerline Coexistence Recommended by NIST (17/1/2011)

DECE Completes Design of UltraViolet Paving the Way for Digital Entertainment Across Multiple Platforms (13/1/2011)

WHDI Showcases Wireless HDTV, Tablet, PC-to-TV, 3D, and Mobile-to-TV Products (13/1/2011)

WirelessHD Consortium Announces Membership Growth Reflecting Consumer Demand for Highest Quality Wireless Solution (13/1/2011)

HomePlug Powerline Alliance showcases broadband and smart energy powerline network technology (13/1/2011)

DLNA Unveils Software Certification and Protected Streaming Certification Programs (13/1/2011)

IEEE approves development of P1905.1 Draft Standard to increase the performance and simplicity of hybrid home networks (10/1/2011)

ZigBee Alliance Announces Completion of ZigBee Input Device Standard (10/1/2011)

KNX scores with energy efficiency in Europe, Asia and the US (4/1/2011)

CEA and CEDIA Standards Committee Announces Multi-Room Audio Cabling Standard (23/12/2010)

devolo Collaborates with IEEE on IEEE 1901 500Mbps Powerline Standard (8/12/2010)

TCL Adopts DiiVA Across Smart TV Product Lineup (8/12/2010)

Wi-Fi Alliance and HomePlug Powerline Alliance Collaborate on Connected Smart Home (12/11/2010)

HD-PLC Alliance Certifies Powerline Network Products Complying to Recently Ratified IEEE 1901 Standard (10/11/2010)

uControl Launches OpenSMA Industry Program to Develop the Security, Monitoring and Automation Market (4/11/2010)

HomePlug Certifies Products Based On Newly Ratified IEEE 1901 Powerline Networking Standard (25/10/2010)

Cisco Joins KNX for Smart Grid and Smart Connected Building Solutions (20/10/2010)

KNX Introduces ETS4 Software Tool (20/10/2010)

CEA TechHome Mediterraneo Launches New Site for Home Technology Integrators (14/10/2010)

DiiVA Consortium Launches Ecosystem for Development and Testing of DiiVA Products (12/10/2010)

IEEE Enables Reduction in Network Energy Footprint with the New IEEE 802.3az Standard (7/10/2010)

ZigBee Alliance Establishes New European Headquarters (29/9/2010)

ZigBee Alliance Surpasses 100 Zigbee Certified Products (29/9/2010)

HDMI Adopter Base Exceeds 1000 Members (29/9/2010)

DiiVA Debuts Home Entertainment Networking Solutions (29/9/2010)

Z-Wave Alliance Announces 400th Interoperable Product (29/9/2010)

CEDIA Announces New Member Benefits and Initiatives (28/9/2010)

IPRC Offers Product Certification Services for IP-based Home Automation Products and Electronics (11/8/2010)

CEA Announces Call for Applications For TechHome Mediterraneo Top 50 Integrators (4/8/2010)

HomePlug Powerline Alliance Announces Advancements for Next-Generation Powerline Networks (4/8/2010)

DLNA Sees Surge in Certified Blu-ray Players (2/8/2010)

VESA Launches DisplayPort Cable Adaptor Certification Program (30/7/2010)

LiteTouch Introduces Online Design Center (26/7/2010)

CEA Launches TechHome Directory of More than 9,000 Integrators in Southern Europe (19/7/2010)

Mitsubishi Electric Launches New European Website for its Professional Display Products (19/7/2010)

Universal Powerline Association Members Declare Strong growth to mid 2010 (14/7/2010)

HDBaseT Alliance Finalises Specification for Whole-Home Distribution of Uncompressed HD Multimedia Content and Control Over CAT5e/6 Cable (9/7/2010)

Cisco Launches Smart+Connected Communities Institute (2/7/2010)

Broadband Forum and HomeGrid Forum Reach Collaboration Agreement Enabling Conformance and Interoperability of Products (1/7/2010)

MoCA ratifies its next-generation specification, MoCA 2.0 (30/6/2010)

HomeGrid Forum Announces United Nations ITU-T Approval for as Global Standard for Wired Home Networking (30/6/2010)

WHDI Demonstrates 3D and Lays Out Standard Roadmap (21/6/2010)

HomeGrid Forum Announces Clean Tech Working Group (9/6/2010)

CEA Publishes ANSI/CEA-2017-A Portable Media Connection Standard (7/6/2010)

EnOcean Alliance Validates UK Foothold with Major Building References (7/6/2010)

The WirelessHD Consortium Announces WirelessHD 1.1 Specification With Support for 3DTV, HDCP 2.0, Data Applications and Data Rates in Excess of 10Gbps (28/5/2010)

ZigBee Alliance Releases Draft ZigBee Smart Energy 2.0 Standard for Public Comment (21/5/2010)

Nokia, Samsung, Silicon Image, Sony and Toshiba Form MHL Consortium to Advance Standard for Wired Mobile Connectivity (11/5/2010)

KNX presents the eighth KNX Awards (6/5/2010)

KNX grows in all regions worldwide and scores with energy efficiency in Europe, Asia and the US (6/5/2010)

KNX introduces a new version of its Engineering Tool Software, ETS4 (6/5/2010)

Blu-ray Disc Association Announces Additional Format Enhancements (19/4/2010)

ZigBee Alliance Expands Participation in EU Standards (9/4/2010)

BEAMA Announces Surprise that Government’s ‘Warm Homes, Greener Homes Strategy’ Ignores Controls (19/3/2010)

ZigBee Home Automation and ZigBee Remote Control Now Publicly Available (17/3/2010)

HDMI Licensing Releases HDMI Specification 1.4A with Mandatory 3D Formats For Broadcast Content (12/3/2010)

HDMI Licensing Makes 3D Portion of HDMI Specification Version 1.4 Available for Public Download (2/3/2010)

KNX celebrates 20 years as the worldwide standard for home and building control at Light+Building 2010 (22/2/2010)

IEEE Publishes IEEE 802.1Qav - the First Audio Video Bridging (AVB) Standard (22/2/2010)

DiiVA Debuts Prototypes and Makes 1.1 Draft Spec Available For Review (22/2/2010)

VESA introduces DisplayPort v1.2 of the digital communication interface standard for transporting display, audio and other data (15/2/2010)

DLNA Enables Premium Commercial Content Across Home Networks (11/2/2010)

IEEE Publishes 1901 Draft Standard for Powerline Communications (26/1/2010)

Blu-ray Disc Association Announces Blu-ray 3D Specification (21/1/2010)

WirelessHD announces Next Generation Standard With Support for 3DTV, HDCP 2.0, Data Applications and Data Rates in Excess of 10 Gbps (19/1/2010)

Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) and the HomePlug Powerline Alliance announce formal liaison aimed at accelerating market adoption of home networking (19/1/2010)

1394 Trade Association Issues New Specifications on IPv4, 1394b Cables and Connectors, and HANA Content Protection and Services (12/1/2010)

ZigBee Alliance Announces New Remote Control Profile for Next Generation Remote Control (12/1/2010)

WiGig Alliance Announces Completion of its Multi-Gigabit Wireless Specification (4/1/2010)

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