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2006 news archive: loudspeakers

Two New Models Extend RBH Sound's In-Wall and In-Ceiling Offering (29/12/2006)

RBH Sound Bows New Surround Model (29/12/2006)

BMB Custom A/V Launches new Atlantic Technology 'In Wall Closed Box' Series at ISE 2007 (28/12/2006)

KEF Unveils Wireless Transmission System (22/12/2006)

Genelec launches AIW25 and AIC25 In-Wall and In-Ceiling Loudspeakers (22/12/2006)

Artcoustic Announces New DFC150-36 X2 60inch Centre Channel/Multi Purpose Loudspeaker With Built In Subwoofer (20/12/2006)

Artcoustic Announces New DF-Multi X2 50 inch LCR/Centre Channel Loudspeaker (20/12/2006)

RBH Sound 30th Anniversary Loudspeaker to Debut at I.S. Europe (19/12/2006)

RBH Sound Introduces Two New Additions to its Popular M Series (19/12/2006)

Genelec launches AOW312 On-Wall Monitoring System (19/12/2006)

SpeakerCraft's MDU Speaker Dedicated to Expanding Market (1/12/2006)

REL launches T-Series - true REL sub-bass gets affordable (29/11/2006)

Wide Dispersion Pattern is Another First For SpeakerCraft (23/11/2006)

KEF introduces the fivetwo series: Provides True Five Channel Surround Sound from Two Speakers (20/11/2006)

Higher Performance Speaker to Extend SpeakerCraft's In-wall Offering (3/11/2006)

SpeakerCraft's AIM DiPole to Offer Dramatic Rear-channel In-wall Option (3/11/2006)

Linn Unveils CUSTOM 2K High Performance Custom Loudspeaker Series (3/11/2006)

High-end loudspeaker manufacture Artcoustic launches new Spitfire precision monitor and a matching subwoofer (31/10/2006)

Value and Performance Are Cornerstones of New Jamo C 60 Loudspeaker Series (24/10/2006)

JL Audio Introduces New Fathom Powered Subwoofer Model (20/10/2006)

Sonance Poised to Revolutionize In-Wall Loudspeakers (20/10/2006)

Russound's First On-Wall Speaker To Feature Super Bessel Array Technology (16/10/2006)

Thin is In With New ThinLine Ceiling-Mount Loudspeakers from Sonance (16/10/2006)

ZVOX Audio's New ZVOX 325 Single-Cabinet Surround System Provides Alternative to Multi-Speaker Packages (16/10/2006)

Meridian Launches Install Loudspeaker Range In-Wall and Flush Mount Designs Now Available; On-Walls to Follow Shortly (12/10/2006)

Snell Expands 'Custom Series' Loudspeaker Line with In-Wall, In-Ceiling and In-Cabinet Models (11/10/2006)

JBL Introduces Expanded Line-Up of Custom-Installation System Solutions and Innovative Loudspeaker Designs (11/10/2006)

Genelec Offers Custom Installers Three New Active Solutions (9/10/2006)

PMC making their mark in the hi-end home theatre market (6/10/2006)

New KEF Speakers Deliver True Five Channel Performance From Only Two Enclosures (6/10/2006)

Leema Introduces the Xone Miniature Floorstanding Loudspeaker (6/10/2006)

SpeakerCraft's MDU Speaker Dedicated to Expanding Market (2/10/2006)

SpeakerCraft's AIM DiPole Offers Dramatic Rear-channel In-wall Option (2/10/2006)

SpeakerCraft's New AIM WIDE Ceiling Speakers Offer Wide Dispersion Pattern (2/10/2006)

AIM Cinema Speaker Extends SpeakerCraft's In-wall Offering (2/10/2006)

Revolver Launches 'Cygnis' Loudspeaker System (28/9/2006)

Velodyne SC-IW In-Wall Subwoofer Redefines In-Wall Bass Performance, Installability and Adaptability (26/9/2006)

KEF introduces exceptional new 5005.2 KHT speaker package (25/9/2006)

Niles Introduces 26 New Ceiling Mount Loudspeakers and Subwoofers (21/9/2006)

Niles Hits the Big Screen with StageFront Home Theater Solutions (21/9/2006)

Sunfire Shows Floorstanding Speakers without the Floor (21/9/2006)

Canton Adds In-wall, Ceiling Speakers to Architectural line (20/9/2006)

Atlantic Technology Puts Free-Standing Sound Between the Studs (20/9/2006)

Artcoustic Launches New X2 Range of Loudspeakers - Better by Design (20/9/2006)

Phase Tech's CS Series Delivers Extended Power and Durable Performance (12/9/2006)

Phase Technology Unveils Sub Line With Serious Output (12/9/2006)

Phase Technology Develops Universal Flange For Flush Mount Line (12/9/2006)

Anthony Gallo Acoustics Announces All-New Micro and A'Diva Pre-Construction Kit at CEDIA 2006 (12/9/2006)

Anthony Gallo Acoustics to Display In-Ceiling/In-Wall Mounts at CEDIA 2006 (12/9/2006)

Anthony Gallo Acoustics to Display to Feature Nucleus Reference 3/1 Loudspeaker at CEDIA 2006 (12/9/2006)

Anthony Gallo Acoustics to Display New Nucleus Reference AV and Reference AV Center Multimedia Loudspeakers at CEDIA 2006 (12/9/2006)

Anthony Gallo Acoustics Announces A'Diva Ti and Nucleus Micro Ti Loudspeakers Now Available in '5.1 in a Box' (12/9/2006)

NHT Announces Availability of iW4 In-Wall Monitor (11/9/2006)

New THIEL CS3.7 and SCS4 with SS1 SmartSubs highlight active demo system at CEDIA 2006 (6/9/2006)

New THIEL SS4 LCR loudspeaker offers very high performance at a very affordable price (6/9/2006)

New THIEL CS3.7 and SS1 SmartSubs highlight active demo system at CEDIA 2006 (6/9/2006)

Energy Speakers Introduces New Products at CEDIA Expo 2006 (6/9/2006)

Polk Audio Introduces SCi Series In-Wall and In-Ceiling Loudspeakers (6/9/2006)

Artison Introduces the RCC 600 Reactance-Cancelling In-Wall Subwoofer (31/8/2006)

Ferguson Hill Announces the FH007 Desktop Loudspeaker (18/8/2006)

Klipsch Adds Digitally Controlled Subwoofers to Acclaimed Reference Series (18/8/2006)

Altec Lansing Introduces New High-End Home iPod Speaker System (14/8/2006)

Meridian Installation Speakers Offer Free-Standing Sound New series offers in-wall, flush mount and on-wall, active and passive options (11/8/2006)

THIEL Audio previews SCS4 multi-channel bookshelf loudspeakers (11/8/2006)

Klipsch Develops In-Wall Versions of its THX Ultra2 Custom Home Theater System (8/8/2006)

Klipsch Launches New In-Wall Subwoofer with Dedicated Amp (8/8/2006)

Klipsch to Introduce New Contractor Series (8/8/2006)

New Klipsch iGroove HG Turns Ordinary MP3 Players Into High-Performance, High-Style Entertainment Centers (8/8/2006)

Niles Introduces 26 New Ceiling-Mount Loudspeakers and Subwoofers (3/8/2006)

Ruark Unveils the new Crusader Mk III Loudspeakers (28/7/2006)

Cambridge SoundWorks Ships Newton Series HD Home Theater Loudspeakers (12/7/2006)

New Eclipse High-Speed Time Domain Subwoofer (10/7/2006)

Loewe offers an Individual Sound experience (30/6/2006)

Opus Technologies launches the OP265CC premium in-ceiling speaker (30/6/2006)

Polk Audio Announces UK Launch of New Built-in Subwoofers and Matching Amplifiers (28/6/2006)

Polk Audio Begins Shipment of World's First Active IP-Addressable Loudspeakers (28/6/2006)

Invision UK to Showcase Polk Audio's SurroundBar (28/6/2006)

Amina Plaster In Wall Loudspeakers at CEDIA 2006 (20/6/2006)

PMC launch wafer-iw series of in-wall ATL loudspeakers at CEDIA Expo 2006 (9/6/2006)

Living Control's CVX-S matrix switcher adds HD video distribution to luxury multi-room system (9/6/2006)

New Tantra Subwoofers Dramatically Enhance SpeakerCraft's Bass Offering (9/6/2006)

SpeakerCraft adds High-performance On-wall Speakers to Tantra Line (9/6/2006)

SpeakerCraft Announces Tantra High-Performance Cabinet Speakers for Complete Home Theatre (9/6/2006)

Meridian Shows HD Processor and Projector, and High-End Installation Speakers (5/6/2006)

Niles Outdoor Planter Speaker PS6si adds Beauty and Music to any Porch, Patio or Poolside (1/6/2006)

O'heocha Announces D2 Saturn - a High End Speaker that's not just a Pretty Face (1/6/2006)

Tannoy Extends Arena Loudspeaker Range (31/5/2006)

ELAC Launches the 330.3 JET Third Generation Audiophile Loudspeaker (31/5/2006)

AWE Takes on Flatline Acoustics USA Speaker Distribution (31/5/2006)

Artcoustic Continues Innovation with new Artcoustic X2 Range (30/5/2006)

Niles Introduces New Subwoofer Line (17/5/2006)

The Future's Round... Come See Anthony Gallo's Spherical Speaker Technology (17/5/2006)

SpeakerCraft Takes it Outside (3/5/2006)

Mirage introduces new OM Design series high-end loudspeakers (7/4/2006)

Latest Yamaha Digital Sound Projectors from AWE (3/4/2006)

Klipsch Develops In-Wall Versions of its THX Ultra2 Custom Home Theater System (30/3/2006)

Eclipse Launches TD508II Compact Time Domain Speakers (20/3/2006)

50 Years On - Tannoy Introduces a Smaller Autograph (15/3/2006)

Armour launches Q Acoustics - a New Speaker Brand set to shake up the market (15/3/2006)

Sonance Introduces Weather-Resistant Loudspeakers for Indoor and Outdoor Enjoyment of Music (6/3/2006)

Sonance Virtuoso In-wall Loudspeaker Systems Redesigned for 2006 (6/3/2006)

Sonance Sound Advance-the completely invisible solution to enjoying music in any room of the house (6/3/2006)

Apple Announces iPod Hi-Fi (2/3/2006)

Glenair Introduces Modern Styling for Tannoy Prestige Loudspeakers (2/3/2006)

Tannoy Launches Two Entry Level Home Theatre Packages (2/3/2006)

New M3100 Active Monitor Speakers From Meridian (1/3/2006)

Invision UK Launches Polk Audio's SurroundBar at Smart Home Show 2006 (27/2/2006)

Onkyo Introduces Compact Audiophile Loudspeaker (16/2/2006)

Bohlender Graebener makes UK debut (16/2/2006)

Genelec Residential Loudspeaker Systems Has Exceptional Sonic Solutions No Matter What Size Your Room (6/2/2006)

Highland Audio Introduces Seis 1201 Satellite Speakers and the Dord 165 Subwoofer (30/1/2006)

Meridian previews new installed loudspeakers (25/1/2006)

Earthquake's New "AWS" Indoor/Outdoor Speakers Deliver Serious Performance (23/1/2006)

Earthquake's "IQ" Ceiling Speakers Redefine Sound Quality (23/1/2006)

The New SUB Series by Earthquake is Sure to Rock Your Foundation (23/1/2006)

Earthquake's THOR-10" Clearly Embodies an Elite Class of In-Wall Subwoofers (23/1/2006)

Energy Speaker Systems Announces Custom Back Boxes (23/1/2006)

KEF Introduces New Motorised Dipole Surround Custom Installation Speaker (19/1/2006)

Klipsch Develops In-Wall Versions of its Award-Winning THX(r) Ultra2 Custom Home Theater System (17/1/2006)

Kef's Stylish 3000 Series an all-new Benchmark 5.1 Home Cinema Speaker System (9/1/2006)

Two New Custom Installation Speakers from KEF (9/1/2006)

Jamo adds a flatscreen-friendly combination LCR speaker to its versatile A 3 speaker range (3/1/2006)

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