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Product Article - The Leviton OmniTouch 7 Touchscreen (4/7/2013)
By Greg Rhoades, Leviton Security & Automation

Trade Talk: When and When Not to Use a Touchscreen (4/7/2013)
By Peter Aylett, Archimedia Middle East

The Internet of Things and OpenRemote (4/7/2013)
By Pierre Kil, OpenRemote

Whitepaper: Sentrollers and The Internet of Things (4/7/2013)
By Cees Links, GreenPeak Technologies

Technology: Are Our Home Automation Systems Receiving the Information They Deserve? (4/7/2013)
By Simon Buddle, SMC

Product Article: Dedicated Interfaces Remain Vital for Today's Control Systems - an introduction to ELAN (8/5/2013)
By Joe Lautner, Core Brands

Technology: The Future of Home Automation (5/2/2013)
By Simon Buddle, SMC

Analysis: Smart Home Introductions March On, but Who's Going to Pay for this Stuff? (5/2/2013)
By Bill Ablondi, Strategy Analytics

Industry Opinion: What Will the Home Automation Market Look Like in Five Years' Time? (6/6/2012)
By Yasmin Hashmi, HiddenWires

Technology: More than Touch - Voice and Gesture Control of Home Automation (6/6/2012)
By Khalifa A. AlJaziri, e-Home AUTOMATION

Defining the Internet of Things (6/6/2012)
By Tom Kerber, Parks Associates

Guest Interview: Joost Demarest, the KNX Association (6/6/2012)

Product Article: The AMX Modero X Series of Touchpanels (6/6/2012)
By Jonathan Mangnall, AMX

Show Report: Divergent Views on Communicating with Machines - thoughts from CES 2012 (8/2/2012)
By Frank Tobe, The Robot Report

Going Green: Tying Energy Savings to Building Automation (5/1/2012)
By Adam VanOort, DataNab

Analysis: Smart Homes - Why Now? (5/1/2012)
By Bill Ablondi, Strategy Analytics

Industry Opinion: Do proprietary control protocols still have a future in home automation? (5/1/2012)
By Yasmin Hashmi, HiddenWires

Product Article: Carlo Gavazzi smart-house (5/1/2012)
By Kevin Sheldrake, Carlo Gavazzi

Product Article: Niko Home Control for Energy Management and More (5/10/2011)
By Stephen Calder, Niko UK

Tricks of the Trade: Implementing Tablet and PDA User Interfaces in Control Systems (4/7/2011)
By Peter Aylett, CEDIA

Industry opinion: Home Controllers - Where Do We Go From Here? (4/7/2011)
By Yasmin Hashmi, HiddenWires

Guest Interview: Jay McLellan, Home Automation, Inc. (4/7/2011)
Jay McLellan, Home Automation, Inc.

Market Research: 'No-New-Wires' Technologies to Drive Home Automation Market (4/7/2011)
By Sam Lucero, ABI Research

Technology: The Importance of Telecoms in the Home Automation Mix (4/7/2011)
By Colin Airton, Bespoke Telecoms

Product Article: Networking with Crestron DigitalMedia 8G+ (4/7/2011)
By Phillip Pini, Crestron UK

Industry Opinion: Integrating Lighting and Shade Control with Whole-Home Automation Systems (4/4/2011)
By Yasmin Hashmi, HiddenWires

Whitepaper: KNX for Metering, Displaying and Automated Energy Management for Homes and Buildings (4/1/2011)
By Steven De Bruyne and Joost Demarest, KNX

Ten Mobile Apps for Controlling a Home Automation System (4/1/2011)
By Luigi Passerini, THM

Industry Opinion: Integrating Home Automation with A/V (4/1/2011)
By Yasmin Hashmi, HiddenWires

Whitepaper: A Brief Review of Current Solutions for Wireless Home Automation Networks (4/1/2011)
By Carles Gomez and Josep Paradells, Technical University of Catalonia

Technology: Controllers for Home Automation - it's not all tablets and apps (4/1/2011)
By Simon Buddle, SMC

Product Article: The Control4 InfinityEdge - getting the whole house talking in no time (4/1/2011)
By Tim Fallows, Control4

Technology: Planning a Home Automation System (6/7/2010)
By Kris Hogg, Konnectiv

Guest Commentary: Opportunities for Home Automation in the Middle East (6/7/2010)
By Dr Mark Fuller, Blue City Company

Industry Opinion - Mobile Phones, Tablet Computers, Apps and the Home Automation Market (5/7/2010)
By Yasmin Hashmi, HiddenWires

The Market for Automated Blinds in the UK (5/7/2010)
By Peter Nias, Intelli-blinds

Technology: ZigBee RF4CE - A Low-Power Interactive Control Technology (5/7/2010)
By Cees Links, GreenPeak Technologies

Integrating Fire and Security Systems with Home Automation (5/7/2010)
By John Duprée, Lee Security

Product Article: Pronto Extends Integration Options with Home Lighting and Automation Systems (5/7/2010)
By Rudy Musschebroeck, Philips Pronto

Going Green: Bringing KNX-based Energy Efficiency to Luxury Living in the Middle East (6/5/2010)
By Tarek Zakaria, Head of ABB KNX intelligent building technology in the Gulf

digitalSTROM - Intelligent Automation over Powerline (4/1/2010)
By Lukas Widmer, digitalSTROM

Automation for Assistive Living, Lifetime Homes and Sustainable Homes (4/1/2010)
By Lu Yung Chiu, Cytech

Smart Home Technology for Disabled People (4/1/2010)
By Dr Guy Dewsbury, SMART Thinking

Home Automation and Energy Management - the Future for Custom Installers (4/1/2010)
By Simon Buddle, SMC

Home Automation - it's time to talk cables and more (4/1/2010)
By Andrew Restivo, Structured Cable Products

The Hydra Project - Middleware for Easy Networking of Home Automation Systems (4/1/2010)
By Markus Eisenhauer, Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology

Industry Opinion: Do We Need Standards? (4/1/2010)
By Yasmin Hashmi, HiddenWires

Guest Commentary: Making More Advanced Control Simpler (4/1/2010)
By Dick Mol, Philips Pronto

Product Article: Crestron Prodigy - a new control solution for a wider audience (4/1/2010)
By Phil Solomons, Crestron UK

Going Green: The InterHome Home Energy-Saving Project By Johann Siau, Ellis Percival and Carol Chen, University of Hertfordshire (3/8/2009)

Guest Commentary: Integration is the killer application By Craig Slawson, Borg Displays (2/7/2009)

Why the LonWorks Platform Makes Sense for the Home By Ron Bernstein, LonMark International (2/7/2009)

OpenRemote - an open source platform for home control By Marc Fleury, OpenRemote (1/7/2009)

Industry Opinion: Is energy management hot on the agenda? By Yasmin Hashmi, HiddenWires (1/7/2009)

Going Green: home automation drives conservation - a smart lead from Canada By David Dollihite, Direct Energy (1/7/2009)

Why IP Makes Sense for Whole-Home Control By Thomas Pickral Jr, Home Automation, Inc. (HAI) (1/7/2009)

Could Smart Homes be Controlled using Thought Alone? By Christoph Guger, g.tec (1/7/2009)

KNX Function and Design - an update for 2009 By Colin Price, Ivory Egg (1/7/2009)

Product Article: Niko Home Automation Solutions Tick All the Right Boxes By Stephen Calder, Niko (UK) (1/7/2009)

Guest commentary: Integration - who needs it? By Jonathan Pengilley, Habitech (1/4/2009)

Going Green: Home Automation in Residential Towers - What Really Matters? By Xavier Zabalegui, Siemens Industry Sector (2/3/2009)

Going Green: Self-Powered Switches for Intelligent Buildings By Andreas Schneider, EnOcean (1/2/2009)

Industry Opinion: What Will Excite the Home Automation Market? By Yasmin Hashmi, HiddenWires (2/1/2009)

Going Green: Z-Wave - The First Killer App for Home Energy Management By Ron Goldberg, Convey Technologies (2/1/2009)

Smart Metering in the Smart Home By Ashley Pocock, EDF Energy (2/1/2009)

European Smart-Home Initiatives Get a Boost from Nokia By Kurt Scherf, Parks Associates (2/1/2009)

Going Green: Raising the Profile of Smart Features By Faye Scott, Green Alliance (1/12/2008)

Product Article: FreeTouch - The Next Step in Universal Home Remote Control (30/10/2008) By David King, DKT

Industry Opinion - Home Automation and the Credit Crunch By Yasmin Hashmi, HiddenWires (1/7/2008)

Going Green: A Green Carpet for Home Controls By Bill Ablondi, Parks Associates (1/7/2008)

The Future of Controllers for Home Systems By Steve Moore, airremote (1/7/2008)

Integrating Lighting with Other Home Automation Technologies By Dave Chester, CustomControls (1/7/2008)

Technology Article: Intelligent Building Control with KNX By Colin Price, Ivory Egg (1/7/2008)

Industry Opinion: Controlling Automation By Yasmin Hashmi, HiddenWires (3/1/2008)

The Future of Automation with Web Services for Devices (WSD) By Peter Brown, Life|ware (3/1/2008)

Product Article: The Crestron Adanto - out-of-the-box audio, video and automation By Michael Izzett, Crestron UK (3/1/2008)

Industry Opinion: Home Automation - Trends and Developments By Yasmin Hashmi, HiddenWires (6/8/2007)

Home Controls: Indicators of Trends and Opportunities from the U.S. By Bill Ablondi, Parks Associates (3/8/2007)

Business Issues: Moving Towards Mass Market - Good News for All of Us! By Neil Spence Jones, OpenHub (3/8/2007)

Open Protocols for Smart Home Applications By Chris Irwin, Tridium Europe (3/8/2007)

Update on KNX - Why it Makes Sense By Colin Price, Ivory Egg (UK) (3/8/2007)

Product Article: Stardraw Control 2007 and Global Caché - a Cost-Effective Combination for Home Automation By John Turner, COMPUTERLINKS (3/8/2007)

Technology Trends By Steve Martin, Martin Kleiser (4/6/2007)

Product Article: Ingenium Home Cinema Control By Yolanda Hartshorne, Ingenium (1/3/2007)

Industry opinion - With big box players like PC World now offering a Connected Home service, what are the opportunities and threats for the custom install home automation trade? By Yasmin Hashmi, HiddenWires (1/1/2007)

Home Automation - an Installer's Point of View By Dave Chester, Discreet Remote Control (1/1/2007)

Growing the Automated Blinds and Window Décor Market By Peter Nias, Intelli-Blinds (1/1/2007)

Product Article: Home Automation - Are We Selling Wireless Technology or Lifestyle? By Tony Leedham, Control4 UK (1/1/2007)

Home Automation in Spain By Yolanda Hartshorne, Ingenium (2/8/2006)

PDA-Control using Windows Mobile By Anton Ahmad, Linn Products (2/8/2006)

Automated Security Systems By David Rimmer, Intamac Systems (2/8/2006)

IP-Based Automated Home Monitoring By John Turner, COMPUTERLINKS (2/8/2006)

Voice Recognition for Home Control By David Milward, Linguamatics (1/3/2006)

Inflight Entertainment for Private Jets By Chris Nicholls, Intheairnet (6/2/2006)

EIB Explained By Colin Price, Ivory Egg (UK) (3/1/2006)

PC-based Home Automation By Andy Harris, O2M8 (3/1/2006)

Controlling Interiors and Exteriors By Jonathan Goostray, Somfy (3/1/2006)

Crestron Adagio and iLux CLS-C6 By Petra van Meeuwen, Crestron UK (3/1/2006)

Retrofitting Home Automation By Willi Neumeier, Gooroo (4/1/2005)

The Increasing Popularity of Home Automation By Rashid Skaf, AMX (4/1/2005)

The Evolution of the Remote Control By Petra van Meeuwen, Crestron UK (4/1/2005)

Automation Control - an Overview By Hayley Evans, Crestron UK (2/2/2004)

Control Systems for the Modern Home By Martin Noar, Libra Solutions (2/2/2004)

Technology Aids Home Management By David Hull, Square D (2/2/2004)

A Brief Comparison of Distributed Versus Centralised Intelligence in Whole House Control Systems By Bob Farinelli, ELAN Home Systems (28/11/2003)

The Evolution of the Colour Touchscreen - A Whitepaper By Eric Johnson, Universal Remote Control (26/11/2003)



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