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Wyrestorm - award winning HD distribution and control products

Who Are We?

Wyrestorm is an award winning company focused on the development and manufacture of HD Distribution and Control products at the forefront of digital technology. Our research and development team are leading specialists in the HD distribution industry and design and develop innovative solutions from our product laboratories based in China and Europe to suit the ever growing number of residential and commercial applications.

Our production facilities are based in Shenzhen, China, a renowned key location in cutting edge technologies and widely regarded the cradle of new trends in the electronics industry.

All our products are manufactured to ISO9001 standards by an HDMI adopter organisation and HDBaseT Alliance member. We provide high quality and reliable solutions for both the residential and commercial markets, with broad applications such as digital signage, custom install, conference and boardrooms, retail store, sports bar and financial centre fit outs, as well as super yacht and luxury dwelling installations. Furthermore, all our Matrix products have full integration with market leading control systems.

What Do We Deliver?

Our product range is wide and encompasses HD Splitters, matrices, extenders, upscalers, converters, test equipment and cables - all distributing High Definition content over HDMI, Coax, Cat5e/6/7 and fibre optic using various chip set configurations as well as HDBaseT and HDBaseT Lite technologies.

All our products come with a comprehensive two-year warranty, backed up by dedicated in-house technical support throughout key markets in the world to support our growing network of distribution partners.

What Sets Us Apart?

It’s a crowded marketplace with many companies offering similar products, so the question is “why choose Wyrestorm”? We like to think it’s because we’re a little different from the rest of the herd.

We’re Digital: While other companies are trying to make the transition from analogue to digital – both in their product range and way of thinking, Wyrestorm was established specifically to design and manufacture digital HD distribution products. We’re digital through and through. As such, you can be confident that if there’s one thing we know, it’s digital distribution. We don’t need to adapt to the changeover from analogue –we’ve been there a while.

We Listen: We’re an ambitious, progressive company that’s proud of our products and reputation, but we’re not too proud to listen. We have an ethos of continual communication between manufacturer and market that we feel is essential in staying ahead of the curve.

We know that distributers and installers are in the best position to give feedback that can help us improve what we do and how we do it, so whether it’s suggestions for future product development or changes in our operations, we want to hear your thoughts so we can implement them to give you more of what you want and what you need, not just what we want to offer.

We work: It can be a frustratingly time consuming process to piece together an installation using different products and brands - a factor compounded by the majority of companies sourcing their products from third party manufacturers. You never quite know if it’s going to work when you flick the switch.

As we design, develop and manufacture all our products ourselves to work seamless together for complete compatibility across the entire Wyrestorm range, you can rest easy, safe in the knowledge that a Wyrestorm installation works. Period.

We even offer free project consultation during the planning stage to give you the best possible advice when speccing a job and continued technical support after your purchase to make sure your installation goes as quickly and smoothly as possible so you can move onto the next one.

We all know that time is money. With Wyrestorm you’ll have a little more of both.

Our Range

Wyrestorm HDBaseT Matrix Solutions

Our ‘flagship’ range of Matrix switchers utilise the latest in HDBaseT ‘One-Cable’ technology and enables unprecedented flexibility for both residential and commercial applications. Technology that delivers full HD audio and video, IR and RS232 control, plus high speed internet access all on a single Cat5e/6/7 cable, eliminating the need for additional control and video cables on installations.

Wyrestorm PRO Matrix Switchers

The PRO Matrix range provides distribution of uncompressed Full HD video and non-HD AV source equipment over long distances using Cat5e/6/7 cabling. With refined switching and handling of HDCP and EDID, multiple devices can be independently switched and controlled in multiple locations. Discreet infrared control, RS232 and LAN connections can be made for third party control from the market leading control systems. Ideal for both residential and commercial projects alike, each Pro Matrix also features simultaneous HDMI outputs for potential system expansion, or integration into alternative extender sets such as the coax and fibre options.

Wyrestorm Standard HD to HD Matrix Switchers

A stripped down, budget full HD Matrix Switcher providing a perfect solution for Retail AV, Commercial and Hospitality installations.

Wyrestorm 4 and 8 Way Cat5e/6/7 Splitters

These cost effective splitters are ideal for small commercial and multi-dwelling installations. The SP-UTP-0104 and SP-UTP-0108 offer single HD source distribution, providing uncompressed true HD distribution over long distances using Cat5e/6/7 cabling, with the ability to control the source from display locations.

Wyrestorm Point to Point Extender Sets

Wyrestorm extender sets offer the perfect solution for high spec point-to point HD distribution with excellent flexibility and control over virtually any distance. The HDBaseT EX-1UTP-IR-100 enables full HD distribution, control and Ethernet pass through over 100m. Alternatively, the EX-1COAX-IR-75 offers 1080p HD with IR over 60m through a single Coax cable. For greater distances, our HD over Fibre solutions (EX-1FIB-5000) are capable of full HD distribution on runs of up to 5km.

WyreStorm HD Switchers and Scalers

With retrofit installations, customer requirements for multiple devices to connect via single HDMI outputs can be complex and difficult to manage, with different formats and connections to be catered for. The Wyrestorm Switchers and Scalers provide the perfect “get out of jail” solutions.

WyreStorm HD Format Converters

Providing a solution to integrate older Analogue AV sources into today’s newer screens or feed into Matrix systems.

WyreStorm Standard HD Splitter Range

Professional grade single and dual input splitters perfect for Retail AV, Commercial and Hospitality installation. Providing distribution of HD input to many duplicate displays. Given the fact our R&D team work on all of the products across the range, it is possible to mix and match HD Splitters with extender sets to cover large screen installations.

WyreStorm HD Test Equipment

The WyreStorm test range has been developed to assist commercial and residential integrators with the ability to diagnose AV systems and digital connectivity on installations. A particularly useful tool for assessing existing cabling prior to installation.

HDMI Cables

High speed installer friendly HDMI cables, ideal for use with Splitters, Extenders and Matrices. The CAB-HD-005 is a flat patch lead to connect into matrix and splitter models with ease. The remaining cables in the range feature flexible outer material for ease of installation on projects.

Telephone +44 (0) 1793 230 343


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